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Superior National Forest Sturgeon River Trail Partial Closure

Aug 08, 2018 02:24PM ● By Editor
August 8, 2018 – Duluth,MN

The Forest Service completes inspections on bridges located on National Forest System lands on a five-year rotation cycle to ensure that bridges are safe and properly maintained for visitor use. In June of 2018, a regularly scheduled bridge inspection was conducted on the Sturgeon River Trail bridges, and one was found to be unsafe for continued use and beyond reasonable repair. The Forest Service has officially closed the bridge with a scheduled removal of August 9th, 2018. As a result, the portion of the Sturgeon River Trail system located between Forest Road 279 and Junction 4 will be closed indefinitely.

Due to mixed land ownership and the need to cross over the Sturgeon River, a reroute of the trail in this area would be difficult to implement. For the immediate future, this segment of trail will remain closed to visitor use. The Forest plans to evaluate the need to replace the trail bridge over the next several months.

The Sturgeon River Trail system is located nine miles north of Chisholm, MN and six miles east of 
McCarthy State Park. If you have any questions or would like to comment, please contact Ashley May-Klick on the Laurentian Ranger District at (218) 229-8807.
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