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Video: Keeping kids and pets safe from summer heat

Jul 19, 2018 07:35AM ● By Editor

For more safety tips, follow this link to the Boreal Emergency Preparedness Portal.

From AAA - July 19, 2018

Kids can sleep so peacefully!

Never leave your child unsupervised in a vehicle, even for a minute!

Temperatures inside a car, even on a mild and sunny day, can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.  A 72 degree day can turn deadly for children, who are particularly susceptible to heatstroke because their bodies can heat up five times faster than adults.

Heatstroke deaths have been recorded in 11 months of the year in nearly all 50 states.

More than half of heatstroke deaths occurred when a distracted caregiver forgot a quiet child was in the vehicle.

During 1998-2014: 637 children died:

  • Ages ranged from 0 days to 14 years
  • More than half the deaths were children under the age of 2
  • Most of these circumstances were preventable:
    • 53% – child “forgotten” by caregiver
    • 29% – child playing in unattended vehicle
    • 14% – child intentionally left in vehicle by adult
    • 1% – circumstances unknown

Prevention is the best way to keep heatstroke at bay.  Just remember to ACT.

    • Avoid heat stroke-related injury and death by never leaving your child, even for a minute.
    • Create reminders and habits that give you and any caregivers a safety net. Leave an item needed at your next stop in the back seat so you don’t forget about your loved one.
    • Take action if you see an unattended child or pet in a vehicle. Dial 911 and follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

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Video: Keeping kids and pets safe from summer heat

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