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Video: Extreme fire hazard in the Far North has OMNRF on watch

Jul 15, 2018 08:26AM ● By Editor
OMNRF fire information officer Chris Marchand said smoke from a fire called Nipigon 30 is a concern for the community of Nibinamik.

From CBC News · July 12, 2018

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says there were 52 active fires in the northwest region as of late yesterday, with 47 of them being held, under control or under observation.

But OMNRF fire information officer Chris Marchand said that they are watching the situation closely.

Marchand said the fire hazard is predominantly high in the northwest, especially down the north shore towards Marathon.

He said the fire hazard is now extreme in the Far North areas of Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and the Nipigon District.

Marchand said with some lightning in the forecast, the ministry will be keeping a watchful eye on the region.

"Certainly in the Far North, where conditions are extreme, that makes the fuels on the ground very receptive to new lightning," Marchand said. "So we will certainly be keeping an eye on that."

Marchand said a fire of note is Nipigon 30, which is burning northeast of the community of Nibinamik, also known as Summer Beaver. That fire has expanded to 6600 hectares.

He said two crews have a dozen sprinkler kits and ten pumps working to protect values near by.

Marchand said because of the large fires proximity to Nibinamik, the OMNRF are watching the fire very closely.

"The concern with that fire is primarily smoke,which could effect air quality in the community," he said. "As well as make it difficult to land a helicopter and do values protection."

Marchand said another fire, Nipigon 29, is located closer to Nibinamik, about 10 km. to the south east, but is of a smaller size.

He said that fire has 8 crews working on it, with the assistance of two helicopters providing bucket support.

Marchand said those crews are working to secure the western flank of that fire and limit its spread towards the community.

Meanwhile, fire personnel from the Northwest region, including 30 (four-person) FireRanger crews, 28 overhead staff, one logistics team, nine CL-415 waterbombers and two heavy helicopters have joined a large contingent of staff, aircraft and equipment helping the Northeast Region cope with a challenging forest fire situation.

Editor's Note:  If you see or suspect a wildfire has started, report it immediately.  Here is a link to an article on how to report a wildfire.  Follow this link for more on the Boreal Emergency Preparedness Portal.

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