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Ominous cloud engulfs Lake Superior shoreline

Jul 02, 2018 09:37AM ● By Editor

By Mark Torregrossa of - July 1, 2018

AU TRAIN TOWNSHIP, MI -- Saturday afternoon a strange, ominous cloud engulfed the Lake Superior shoreline just west of Munising, MI.

Holly Marenger of the Pinewood Lodge in Au Train Township said it was an awesome sight to watch.

The first oddity she noticed was the water on Lake Superior withdrew out about 30 feet from the beach. Marenger said within five minutes the water came back in, and strange gray streaky clouds began to develop on the horizon over Lake Superior.

The clouds thickened and became something she wanted everyone to see. So she shot videos of the cloud bank as it approached her lodge's beach.

Marenger said the wind picked up enough to "take her breath away" for a moment. Then the wind died quickly and didn't do any damage.

The ominous clouds are a combination of a roll cloud and a fog bank. The roll cloud is a photogenic cloud that stretches along the leading edge of a severe thunderstorm. It is usually made by the fast, downward rushing air coming out of a severe storm. 

At the same time, fog formed from the humid air over the lake contacting cooler water.  

In this case it made for a scary and eerie weather scene.

The storm was severe, but fortunately not at Marenger's location. Near Munising, MI, the National Weather Service received a report of three inch diameter hail. That's big hail for the Upper Peninsula.

Watch "The Wave Cloud" here.

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