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Ship Spotter: The KIYI visits Grand Marais

May 21, 2018 07:44PM ● By Editor
Photo:  Lisa Bauer for Boreal Community Media

From Boreal Community Media - May 21, 2018

The Kiyi visited Grand Marais today on its continuing mission as a marine research vessel in Lake Superior

The R/V Kiyi, based in Ashland, Wisconsin, was built in 1999 and currently operates on Lake Superior. The Kiyi conducts fish stock assessment, fisheries research, and habitat monitoring, particularly in the Apostle Islands area of Lake Superior.

The Kiyi uses trawls and gillnets to annually sample prey fish populations and to track progress in the sustainability of lake trout populations. The Kiyi is also used to collect fish and environmental samples for a wide spectrum of studies, including contaminant monitoring. The Kiyi can be at sea fourteen days with sleeping accommodations for nine people.

The Kiyi has a full galley and three heads with showers.

 The Kiyi is docked at sunset in Grand Marais harbor on Monday evening, May 21.  Photo:  Lisa Bauer for Boreal Community Media

Vessel Particulars 
Length Overall: 107' 
Breadth: 27' 
Hull Depth: 12' 
Load Line Draft: 9'-0" 
Gross Tonnage: 290 
Displacement: 232 Ltons 
Max Speed: 11 Knots 
Fuel Capacity: 9,600 Gal. 
Endurance @ Max. Capacity: 10 Days 
Accommodations: 3 Crew, 6 Researchers 
Year Built: 1999 
Contract Cost: $3,299,343.63 
Vessel Certification: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class @ A1 Great Lakes Service; @ AMS 
USCG and UNOLS Compliant