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T-Mobile Cell Service Live on Grand Portage Tower

Apr 13, 2018 04:05PM ● By Editor

April 13, 2018 – Cook County is pleased to announce T-Mobile 4G service is now available in the Grand Portage area. The addition of T-Mobile improves communication options for residents and visitors.

The provider is hosted on a County-owned and -managed tower on Grand Portage-owned land that is leased to the County for communication tower purposes through the Grand Portage Land Use Committee. 

 Coverage is expected to be comparable to the existing AT&T coverage footprint, but will also be supplemented from the Hovland tower in the Reservation River area. 

Two more East-end cellular service projects are underway, with possible go-live dates in 2018:

  • Verizon in both Hovland and Grand Portage;

 Cook County is continually working to manage our tower infrastructure to maximize public safety and citizen services while minimizing the impact on our natural environment. Cook County owns and manages 11 towers across the County.

Contact:  Rena Rogers, Director – MIS Department, 218.387.3662 or [email protected]