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Careless Driver Charged for Rear-Ending Sheriff in School Zone

Mar 20, 2018 01:07PM ● By Editor

Media release from Cook County Law Enforcement - March 20, 2018

At approximately 8 am Tuesday, Sheriff Pat Eliasen was rear-ended in his squad car in the school zone on 5th Street and 1st Avenue West. Sheriff Eliasen, heading east to the Law Enforcement Center, was stopped at the intersection allowing the crossing guard and school children to cross in the crosswalk when another motorist travelling 33 mph in the 20-mph school zone rear-ended him. 

“This is a firm reminder to pay attention and obey the traffic laws, especially in school zones,” said Sheriff Eliasen. “Had I not been stopped there, this could have had a very different outcome with children and the crossing guard getting seriously injured or worse.”

The driver was charged with Speeding in a School Zone and Careless Driving. The driver was reportedly looking at something in the sky. The incident was witnessed and handled by another on-duty Deputy Joe Zallar who was stationed for the daily school patrol. 

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