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Three lynx make an Ontario backyard their hangout spot

Mar 15, 2018 10:29AM ● By Editor

 By Jessica Faulds of Cottage Life - March 15, 2018

Lynx are usually elusive animals. Often described as “secretive” and “solitary,” they tend to avoid people, so sightings are rare. And yet when Susan Thompson glanced out her window one evening recently, she saw something that seemed impossible: three lynx hanging out together on her back deck.

Thompson and her husband had been sitting down to watch the evening news when the big cats appeared.

“There were three of them on the deck, leaping in the trees trying to catch squirrels,” said Thompson, who lives in Shuniah, Ontario. “After leaping from tree to tree, they decided to watch us from our front deck.”

The lynx hung around for about half an hour before leaving. Typically in a story like this one, this would be the last anyone ever saw of them, but strangely, they were back the next evening.

“My husband and I have lived in Shuniah, Ontario for fourteen years and have seen lynx on the road and in the bush, but we have never experienced a close encounter like this!” Thompson said, noting that the list of list of wild animals they have encountered is long: “We have seen plenty of deer, bears, porcupine, skunk, moose, rabbits, foxes, wolves, a cougar, a family of raccoons living under our deck and rainbow trout in our creek.”

The lynx seemed reluctant to leave and were undeterred when Thompson’s husband tapped on the glass between them. Eventually, he began driving his truck and down the road honking his horn in an attempt to scare them away.

Thompson believed the lynx were hanging around because they were interested in her dog, Tyson. “Within a few minutes they were hissing and meowing very loudly, presumably trying to entice Tyson to chase them,” she said. “I have no doubt our 80-pound gentle dog would not have survived an attack by all three.

Of course, the lynxes’ presence presented a rare photo op, and Thompson took full advantage. Her incredible photos of the animals have been making the rounds on social media.

“So many people from around the world are also appreciating the beauty of these gorgeous wild lynx. We hope they are safe and sound back in the bush where they belong!”

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