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GES student author explains what today's walkout meant to her

Mar 14, 2018 03:31PM ● By Editor

What we did today was not because we wanted to get out of school. What we did today was stand, walk, and protest those 17 kids and adults that were taken from this world. We stood up for the lives of the American people. Our motivation; hope, fear, wishing that our country will be fixed. What we gained from this experience was a new understanding for the world and what people believe in. Some people did not agree with us and they voiced their opinions through words and hand motions but the majority of the feedback that we faced from the community was support and thankfulness. They were thankful for kids standing up for the rights and lives of people. They were proud that it was us, from their own lives doing it for them. We gained insight of the importance of this and how, even if unexpected, this could happen to us.

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