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Lonnie Dupre postpones Mount Hunter ascent

Mar 07, 2018 08:01AM ● By Editor
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Grand Marais adventurer Lonnie Dupre was forced to postpone his ascent of Mount Hunter in Alaska due to a forecast of adverse weather conditions making climbing dangerous.  Dupre reports he has never felt more prepared for a climbing expedition, but weather always challenges the best laid plans.

"I’ve never been so ready and prepared for an expedition as I am now.  Everything has aligned perfectly including my fitness, the gear, the route I settled on taking... everything except for the weather." Dupre wrote in his blog on March 1st.

Dupre continued, "These winter climbs are so weather dependent and to make a wrong call can be lethal, especially if one’s traveling solo. We are all seeing the outcomes of mountaineers trying to climb Everest and K2 in the winter… there is simply no room for error and it takes forever waiting for the right weather window.  Waiting out the projected bad weather wouldn’t leave me enough days left to climb Hunter before winter is over on March 21st."

 Mount Hunter or Begguya is a mountain in Denali National Park in Alaska. It is approximately eight miles (13 km) south of Denali, the highest peak in North America. "Begguya" means child (of Denali) in the Dena'ina language. Mount Hunter is the third-highest major peak in the Alaska Range.  From Wikipedia.  Photo:  Climb Alaska

Dupre reports that he still has plans to conquer Mountain Hunter next winter and has turned his attention to his planned expedition on Mount Fairweather in British Columbia in May.

You can follow Lonnie's adventure by following this link to read his blog .

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