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Grand Marais musher Frank Moe gives C.P.R. to sled dog on CopperDog Trail

Mar 05, 2018 08:39AM ● By Editor

CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - Earlier in the race, one musher, second place winner Anny Malo, had one of her dogs stop breathing while out on the trail. 

When her dog Max went into respiratory arrest after just 24 miles, Malo immediately stopped and tried to help. Within seconds, a fellow musher, Frank Moe, passed by and asked if there was anything wrong. After anchoring down his own team, he ran back to Malo, and used his training as an E.M.T. to assist.

"So he came and, he just blow in his nose and the dog was O.K. after that and he's in great shape right now so I'm glad he was there," Anny Malo from Saint-Zénon, Québec said.

"Then she passed me then another 5 minutes later and the dog's head sticking out of the dog bag just looking around yea know," Frank Moe from Grand Marais, MN said.

Malo says when the dog went for a bite of snow, he likely caught some ice which lodged into his throat.

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