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Arrowhead Electric Cooperative 2017 Residential Survey Results

Feb 26, 2018 01:07PM ● By Editor

On behalf of Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AEC), our power supplier, Great River Energy (GRE) partnered with our consultant, Power System Engineering (PSE) to conduct a 2017 Residential Survey.

GRE gave the option to participate or not participate to each of its Member Cooperatives; AEC chose to participate.

The purpose of the 2017 Residential Survey was to gather demographic and appliance data for AEC, which would assist with future load forecasts. and energy efficiency (conservation) or demand response programs (load control).

The data to be gathered included:

               *Demographic information about the home and its residents

               *Heating and cooling systems


               *Other energy using operations

               *Conservation measures

               *Attitudes toward the Cooperative

               *Attitudes toward energy efficiency

               *Energy usage practices

The full survey, comprising 52 pages, is available for review at AEC headquarters, 5401 W Highway 61, Lutsen.  Further questions or comments may be directed to AEC General Manager/ CEO- Joe Pandy @ [email protected], or by calling him @ (218) 663.7239

AEC submitted residential member lists; PSE selected a random sample of residential customers to survey; in order to obtain a 95/5 sample (giving a 95% confidence level and a +/- 5% error level, required approximately 380 valid survey responses.

Surveys were sent to 1,484 AEC residential accounts; 326 responded by paper survey, and 220 responded online, for a total of 546 responses = (36.8%); these responses exceeded the 380 valid survey goal for AEC.

The “Top 10 List” of survey results are included below:

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative (AEC) 2017 Residential Survey Highlights:

OF 1,484 RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS SURVEYED, 546 RESPONDED (37%): this yields a 95% confidence interval, with margin of error @5%.

  • HOME OWNERSHIP/CONSTRUCTED:   Single family homes are 78% of residences; 98% are owner occupied. Construction:  30% were built 1995-2004.
  • MAIN HEATING SYSTEM:   Electric /50.2%         Propane/34%
  • HOT WATER HEATER:   Electric/ 71.7%         Propane/ 24.2%
  • CFLs & LEDs (efficient bulbs) @ 50 to 100% in:  56.8%
  • (Owner)AVERAGE AGE > 50 YEARS OLD:   87.7%
  • RATE AEC CUSTOMER SERVICE (max 5.0):     4.35
  • RATE AEC SERVICE RELIABILITY (max 5.0) :    4.25
  • (Owner) HIGHER EDUCATION (> HIGH SCHOOL):     92.8%

*NOTE: AEC Survey excludes customers of Grand Marais PUC.


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