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Texas Photographer Falls in Love with Northland Winter

Jan 11, 2018 09:12AM ● By Editor

From WDIO-TV News - January 9, 2018

He might look like your typical Northland photography buff. Clad in winter-weather gear, Chris Davis was climbing the rocks at the Silver Bay Marina, trying to capture the perfect shot. 

"Everything is beautiful. We don't have ice in Texas," he said.

Davis is from Dallas, and has never experienced a Minnesota winter. "I've been in 20 degrees, and even 0. This 25-30 below is unbelievable."

He's been traveling the country as a photographer for the past couple of years, and has been here since mid-December. Ely, Grand Marais, Duluth, and other cities have been stops. "I didn't even have real winter boots. It's been a learning experience. Now that I'm equipped for it, it's nice to go out and enjoy it."

Usually he's in an Airstream. But that's at the repair shop. So he's been living in his Chevy truck, for the past four weeks. Even in those bitter cold temps, during the holidays. "I could feel the cold air coming up from the bottom of the truck. I kept it running constantly."

Davis isn't alone on this journey. He has his dog, Lucky, along for the ride. Sometimes, he stays in the truck, as Davis is out searching for wolves. He really wanted to capture one. And he did, just a few days ago.

It hasn't been easy, with the cold. He got stuck once. One of his cameras got damaged, after a day in -25 weather. And he even had a major tooth problem. That's where he encountered Minnesota nice. Grand Marais Family Dentistry came to the rescue, with the dentist coming in on her day off to help him.

Even though he's used to Southern hospitality, he's fallen in love with the Northland. "I haven't stayed this long in one place in a long time."  Davis has to leave in a few days. But he also can't wait to come back.

His next project includes a timelapse documentary of the Milky Way across America.

You can check out his work at:

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