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My Sister’s Place is a great place to eat

Dec 09, 2017 08:39AM ● By Editor
By Caleb Herrlich, Editor-in-Chief • The Spur - Southwest Minnesota State University - December 8, 2017

Typically, if you live in Minnesota, you’re aware of the North Shore. From Duluth on up, if one follows alongside Lake Superior, there is incredible scenery, tons of resorts and cozy cabins, restaurants offering the best of the area, and a lot of pride in the wildlife and woodland habitats of Northern Minnesota.

If you go far enough you’ll find Grand Marais, a very small town with an amazing doughnut shop, a scenic lighthouse open to the public, and a stretch of road that promises to reveal moose, wolves, bears, deer, and a number of other animals. And, if you walk through the small shops that pepper downtown Grand Marais, you’ll hear from the locals about My Sister’s Place.

Since 1998 My Sister’s Place has been a local favorite for a few very good reasons. Besides its homey atmosphere and staff that feels familiar even if it’s your first time, their menu offers something different than most other places. The Juicy Lucy seems to be most well-known, and here’s why: It’s a half-pound patty stuffed with grilled onions and two different kinds of cheeses. The real charm is being able to order any combination of filling made and grilled to order.

My Sister’s Place has over twenty different kinds of hamburgers, including the Goober Burger (peanut butter and mayo), and despite how it sounds, it’s amazing, especially when paired with their seasoned fries.

If you don’t like hamburgers, there are also sandwiches and platters that offer fish caught fresh from Lake Superior, salads that mix traditional staples of Minnesota like wild rice, and pizza. Actually, better than the pizza are the calzones. The crust is made from scratch, and they’re easily as big as the plate they come on after being cooked in a wood stove.

Once a year, I find a reason to visit this part of Minnesota, and it’s mostly just so I can sit among the rustic decor and enjoy authentically good food.

5 out of 5 Spurs.
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