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Hovland Welcomes Its New Recycling Trailer

Dec 08, 2017 11:13AM ● By Editor
(From left) Mike Smith and Rick Sturm from Cook County Recycling and District One County Commissioner Robert Deschampe oversee the installation of the Recycling Trailer in Hovland.  Photo from Boreal Community Media.

Hovland area residents can now enjoy the convenience of having a Recycling Trailer in their own backyard.  Recycling is now available 24/7 at the new Recycling Trailer in Hovland at 3023 North Road in Hovland east of Arrowhead Trail at the County Garage.

"I advocated for another Recycling Trailer to be made available on the East End not only for convenience, but to encourage more recycling in general in our end of the County.", said District One County Commissioner Robert Deschampe.

According to Rick Sturm, Cook County Recycling Operator, Hovland is the newest and sixth location of recycling centers in Cook County.  In addition to the Grand Marais central operation and location, recycling trailers are located in Lutsen, Tofte, Grand Portage, at the end of the Gunflint trail at 189 Sag Lake Trail, mid-trail at 7890 Gunflint Trail and now in Hovland.

All colors of glass, #1 and #2 plastics, steel cans and aluminum cans are accepted at the Recycling Trailer.  Cardboard and paper are not available to be recycled in trailers at this time.

"Once the trailer is full, we swap it out for another." Sturm said, "The frequency depends on the location and the season."

"For businesses and those people who have really large loads, we encourage them to take those items to the Recycling Center in Grand Marais.  This is designed for everyday residential use." said Mike Smith.

In other East End News, Commissioner Deschampe reports that T-Mobile will be delivering service from the cell phone tower in Hovland as early as next week.  Service from AT&T and Verizon are contracted to begin sometime in 2018.

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