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Monster buck entered in Buck’s Big Buck contest

Nov 17, 2017 08:38AM ● By Editor

Kevin Olson has good reason to give the “thumb’s up” sign. His 275-pound field dressed deer leads the big buck competition at Buck’s Hardware Hank by a large margin. Photo courtesy of Bucks Hardware Hank The contest runs from November 4 to November 19.

By Brian Larsen from The Cook County News Herald - November 17, 2017

Grand Marais hunter Shane Smith's tenuous hold on first place in Buck’s Big Buck contest with his 212-pound entry is over.

Kevin Olson of Zimmerman, Minnesota brought in a 275-pound beast. No word on where he found this goliath, but when he brought it in to weigh it. “There was a lot of calamity surrounding the weigh in by the public who appeared out of nowhere to take a look at this buck,” said an attendant at Buck’s Hardware.

While there have been many significant bucks entered in this contest over the years, this is by far the biggest in recent memory.

Currently sitting in second place is Wendy Ford’s 215.4-pound entry. Smith is now in third place, but his deer’s antler spread of 20¾ inches is still in first place. Brian Perman’s buck registered an antler spread of 19 inches, and Bruce Carlson’s buck had an antler spread of 18 inches for third place.If Olson’s buck stays in the lead, he will win a new rifle for entering the largest field dressed deer.

Half of the prize money will go to the hunter who brought in the most extensive antler spread, and the other half of the money will go to the lucky winner of the drawing. 

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