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Boreal Community Media

Unkind words hurt everyone

Aug 18, 2017 08:19AM ● By Editor
Letter to the Editor -  From The Cook County News Herald - August 18. 2107

Last week re-posted an article from the Cook County News- Herald honoring Bruce Kerfoot’s selection by the community as Senior Citizen of the Year. Unfortunately, we inform you that one community member chose to use to post comments about that article that were rude, vulgar and wholeheartedly inappropriate for our community.

The staff and board of Boreal Community Media deeply regret this happened and does not condone any such behavior. As such, we have eliminated the opportunity to comment in the future on any of the articles we post. No “congratulations,” no “thank you,” no “way to go” – all because one community member chose to speak words of vulgar harshness and criticism of a person our community just honored with the deepest respect.

A sign of the times? We hope not. But nonetheless, we are deeply saddened by this incident. Boreal remains committed to provide a forum for community information, unity and collective helpfulness. We regret that one bad actor’s comments derailed us from our mission. If so, it was only temporary. We won’t allow it to happen again, and unfortunately at the expense of open communication for us all. 

Boreal Staff and Board Members