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Cook County Law Enforcement briefs

May 30, 2017 03:47PM ● By Editor
From The Cook County News Herald: 
It is the policy of the Cook County News-Herald to withhold the identities of individuals in Cook County Law Enforcement briefs. When court proceedings are complete, the Cook County News- Herald publishes a complete accounting of names and penalties in its Matters of Record.

Monday, May 15
7:31 a.m., Lutsen: Deputy participated in Safe Routes
to School, following the school bus looking for stop
arm violations.
10:43 a.m., Schroeder: Report of property damage at
Cliffs Erie.
4:03 p.m., Grand Marais: A donkey and horse were
loose on County Road 7.
7:35 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said there is an
injured fox heading east on the Gunflint Trail. It is
11:47 p.m., Schroeder: Report that a moose was
struck by a vehicle at mile marker 71. 

Tuesday, May 16
7:32 a.m., Lutsen: Safe Routes to School.
11:50 a.m., Grand Marais: Possible financial
exploitation of a vulnerable adult.
12:55 p.m., Grand Marais: Deputy assisted State Patrol
on a traffic stop.
1:34 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller lost a phone at Esther
Lake gravel pit.
3:08 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller reported concern for
a possibly injured cat that is being taken care of by a
friend for another friend.
3:11 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said there is a blue
kid’s bicycle below the Homestead Cooperative sign.
3:18 p.m., Hovland: Authorities received photos of a
pit party that had taken place over the weekend on
Esther Lake Road. There were still open flames and
garbage all over. The DNR put out the fire.
3:27 p.m., Grand Marais: An individual came into the
ER at the hospital to have a gunshot wound treated.
The person was shooting on his property and the
bullet ricocheted and hit him in the leg.
6:07 p.m., Schroeder: Report of suspicious activity/
trespassing at the Cliffs Erie docks.
8:57 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a low-flying
aircraft over Gunflint Lake.
9:27 p.m., Grand Marais: Harassment reported. 

Wednesday, May 17
9:01 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller said somebody was
banging on the door last December, and he is now
nervous about it.
10:24 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller from Grandma Ray’s
said there is a kid going through the cigarette butt
8:52 p.m., Grand Marais: Vehicle struck a deer on
Devil Track Road.
9:01 p.m., Lutsen: Caller from Rollins Creek Road
said the inside power box is making a loud noise.
9:07 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
9:46 p.m., Grand Marais: Unspecified complaint from
the public. 

Thursday, May 18
12:57 a.m., Grand Portage: Security alarm sounded at
the Community Center.
7:34 a.m., Grand Marais: Deputy participated in
DARE graduation at Great Expectations School.
8:25 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller had questions about
his girlfriend: What can and can’t she do in reference
to the apartment?
10:04 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller saw what she was
sure was a large wolf running westbound on West
Second Street.
10:35 a.m., Grand Marais: Report of a three-legged
husky hanging around Seventh Avenue West.
12:51 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
1:05 p.m., Grand Marais: Deputy participated in
DARE graduation at Sawtooth Elementary School.
4:01 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a dead loon near
the Coast Guard garage on Artist Point. Referred to
the DNR.
6:39 p.m., Tofte: Caller asked if a deputy could check
on his cabin.
11:42 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said her suicidal
daughter, 33, has been missing since last night. 

Friday, May 19
5:05 a.m., Grand Marais: Deer struck and apparently
killed by a vehicle near the water tower.
8:29 a.m., Grand Marais: Assault reported.
12:23 p.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about a yellow
motorcycle racing on Old Shore Road.
7:34 p.m., Grand Marais: Break-in and burglary of a
cabin on Devil Track Road. 

Saturday, May 20
11:04 a.m., Lutsen: Ambulance called to the Superior
Hiking Trail, where a male participating in the 25K
run is down.
9:18 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
11:56 p.m., Lutsen: Traffic citation issued. 

Sunday, May 21
8:37 a.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
3:44 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller said she lost her
cell phone somewhere between the Rec Park and
5:55 p.m., Schroeder: False fire alarm at Temperance
7:52 p.m., Tofte: Traffic citation issued.
10:25 p.m., Tofte: Caller said a friend went out on a
Tinder date, and he (caller) has been receiving texts
stating that she is being hurt.

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