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Boreal Community Media

Letter from the Boreal Board

Apr 13, 2017 09:00PM ● By Anne Brataas

Dear Boreal Friends and Neighbors,

 We are listening to you and value your feedback! We are proud to be part of this dynamic community! 

 Please bear with us during this time as we work to make the website and community resource everything that our community deserves. We realize that change is never easy. We thank you for your patience during this process and want our readers to know that your input is important to us.  

Since the launch of the new website, we have been listening to your comments and concerns, making changes, and working to make the website better and easier to access. We will continue to listen and make changes as we move forward to the benefit of our community! 

 You may be wondering why Boreal made the change to the new site from the website designed in 1995. Both the hardware and software running the old site hovered near daily catastrophic failure. Many of you recall the early November 2016 email crash that lasted for up to four days for some users.  We were in permanent fix-it mode, and could not offer 21st century service to connect community, support education—which increasingly is conducted online—or support economic growth.

 We have heard loud and clear that it has been frustrating and confusing for some of you, and we apologize for causing discomfort and a feeling of being disconnected from community. 

 We have also heard that many of you find it an easy, engaging and pleasing platform. 

 Our aim is to continue to refine the new to be a resource that is a continued unique benefit to our community’s way of life. 

 On behalf of the Boreal Community Media Board, we thank you for your patience and support during this necessary and not-always-smooth transition. We value your membership. We share both your community spirit and enthusiasm for connecting through — and we intend to see this new site serve our community’s values and needs.


Jeff Latz, Board Chair; Eric Block and Kelsey Kennedy, Board Members

Lisa Bauer, Executive Director

Boreal Ship Spotter - larger view here