July 8, 2009

Boundary Waters Families

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I was fortunate that I got to participate in one of the “Becoming a Boundary Waters Family” seminars that the Gunflint Trail Outfitters are putting on this summer.  By now I’m hoping most people have heard of the activities that are offered free of charge at various locations up the Trail. We have partnered with the Outfitters to see if we can reach our urban populations that may have never had the chance to visit the north woods or the Boundary Waters for a wilderness trip.  I am using this post to also spread the word that those opportunties are available to all.  There is a list of events and a schedule on http://kite.boreal.org/gunflint-trailCF/becomingaboundarywatersfamily/ so please visit and tell your friends about the good times that can be had here in Cook County.

The seminar that I participated in is called paddle and lunch, where the folks at Norwester and Rockwood teach you to paddle a canoe, set up a camp and fix a lunch over a campfire.  I didn’t count but I’m thinking we had 20 or so people along of which we had three generations in one family.  Of course that group would be too big to go into the BWCAW together but since we were on Poplar Lake in a seminar together on an island, the group size was just fine.  And what a great way for grand parents with their kids and grandkids to share a day and get the grandkids started on a life of camping memories.    Check out the photos on the side bar.  Thank you Gunflint Trail Outfitters!!


  1. Saw this post a few days ago and kinda passed it off as we don’t have the ouotodr channel. Took the family to my parents’ house this weekend and as we were cleaning up the dinner table your mug popped on the tv as my dad pretty much watches nothing but Outdoor Channel, WFN, and Nascar.Was a good show and made me wanna come down there even more and hit the White, luckily you aren’t far from KC.-Bob

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