July 7, 2009

Summer and Wildfires

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seagull_buiThought I’d write a quick note to remind folks that we’re into summer now and we all need to think about wildfire potential.   Last Saturday we had our fourth human caused fire of the season, this one out on Northern Light Lake.  I realize this year has had its share of rain, cool and cloudy days that make having a campfire a great thing.  However practicing good camping habits now will pay dividends for those times when conditions are a little more serious.  

Speaking of fire conditions, the following graph displays one of the indices that we watch  when determining how serious the fire danger is.   The blue line shows where we are presently and you can see that we’re pretty much running along the average line.  You can also see that our average for this time of year is an upward trend indicating that the fire danger overall is increasing.   When we start getting above that “90%” line, then conditions are such that larger fires can occur,,,,,, if they get started!

That is where we all come in.  This is a great place to live, work and play.  Let’s enjoy that, hike, boat, fish and have our campfires.  But then let’s put the campfires completely out.


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