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-- Preparing you and your property for wildland fires --
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Information Related to Preparing for Forest Fire and Evacuation For Cook County Businesses

A checklist of things to do now!

This page covers a great deal of information and procedures, however, it may not be all-inclusive. Each individual, business, and home is different. Contact the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and/or the Cook County Emergency Management, for questions concerning specific situations.
I. Have a fire prevention plan:
Note: For specific information on most of the prevention measures above, please refer to the USFS, DNR and Emergency Management links.

II. Have an emergency plan:
III. Understand your part in the communications plan IV. Have a business backup plan.
...... and a personal backup plan
**The Red Cross website has lots of ideas that may be useful.

V. Potential purchases for preparedness

VI. Security

VII. Special Training Needs for Staff

VIII. Returning to Normal

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