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Helping Kids in Anxious Moments

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Anxious moments are part of life, and feeling anxious is part of a healthy range of emotions, but learning to manage those moments can be challenging.

-How can we help our kids develop coping skills that work for them?

-What should we look for to determine if more help is needed?

Learn how our own feelings of anxiousness can affect our children.

-What makes us feel anxious?

-Where does our sense of anxiousness come from?

-How can we develop ways to regain our focus as we cope with those feelings?

Tater Tots - For parents of Pre-K & Elementary-age kids

Monday, October 9

5:30 - 7:00 pm

Hot Potatoes - For parents of Tweens & Teens

Tuesday, October 10

5:30 - 7:00 pm

Both classes will be held in the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic classroom.

To register, call 387-2330 or email:

Childcare for age 3+ is available at the YMCA. Cost is $5/child. Pre-registration is required. Call 387-3386 to sign up.

Sponsored by Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Cook County Public Health and Human Services

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