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Timber Framing in Norway: History, Use & Tools

with visiting Norwegian instructor, Trond Oalaan

North House is pleased to welcome Trond Oalann of Hordaland, Norway. He will be teaching a course at North House Folk School on the stavlinebygg building style. The stavlinebygg style is one of more than 25 post (stav) building traditions in Norway. Dating from the late 1700's, the heavy construction utilizing sill timbers and mortise and tenon joinery developed in response to the strong winds of the Nordmore area. The relatively simple truss roof system lent itself well for large barns, boathouses and agricultural and commercial storage buildings. This building style incorporates the use of stacked and scribed wall plates, an element of horizontal log construction, as well as early timber frame joinery techniques. The key to building stavlinebygg efficiently and confidently lies in the sequence of the work and in systematic use of templates. Come hear Trond talk about timber framing in Norway! 7pm on Friday, May 12
Date & Time
  • May 12, 2017
  • 7:00PM - 8:30PM
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