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Drury Lane Books Spring Writing Contest
Deadline April 29!

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Get your creative juices flowing and enter our Arboreal writing contest.

Winners will receive a book prize AND have a chance to read their piece at our store event on May 20th, alongside Josh MacIvor-Andersen, the editor of Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, and author of On Heights & Hunger, a memoir of professional and competitive tree-climbing.

MacIvor-Andersen explains,

"Rooted is a collection almost seven years in the making. I really wanted to anthologize contemporary essays that both manifested the incredible dexterity of the genre--the acrobatic, muscular nature of nonfiction--and illuminated the tree, a multi-specied organism that has been more than prominent in my life. I figured there's not a person alive who doesn't have some connection, some story, some relationship to a tree. I really wanted to create a home for those stories. A kind of arboreal love letter."


300 words on tree-inspired fiction or nonfiction


Email finished piece to

Winners announced mid-May

Winners, participants, and the public invited to hear pieces read aloud at 7 PM on Saturday May 20th. Author Josh MacIvor-Andersen will also read from his new anthology on Arboreal nonfiction and share stories on writing and editing.

More info? Contact Gwen at or 387-3370

Learn more about Josh and his writing at

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