Where did it come from??????

  • Downloaded software- Spyware almost always comes "bundled" in with other software, usually "free" software that you download from the Internet. You may find a neat application like a searchbar, music-sharing software, or screensaver, and when you download and install that application it also quietly installs a bunch of spyware. Some of the applications that are most notorious for installing spyware on your computer are file-sharing applications such as Kazaa.
  • File-sharing software - Notice that this is mentioned twice? It's one of the biggest sources of spyware, both spyware that comes bundled with the file-sharing software and spyware that comes attached to the shared files.
  • Disreputable websites - You can also pick up spyware by going to the wrong web page. Some web pages will attempt to download software or ActiveX controls to your computer, which are actually spyware. If you go to a web page and a window pops up asking you to install something, make sure you know that the software it's trying to install is clean before you click OK.