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What's the difference between the Classified Ads and the news and for-sale lists?

See the table below for the differences between the Classified Ads and the mailing lists, such as news and for-sale

  Classified Ads  news & for-sale lists 
Goes to people's email No (unless a person has signed up for the Classified Ads digest) Yes, to all list members
Listed on the Boreal home page Yes, for 48 hours after the ad is placed No
Boreal members can browse ads on the Boreal website Yes, using the Classified Ads link Yes, using the Mail List Archives link
Non-Boreal members can see the ad Yes No
Can include a photo with the ad Yes No
Can use special formatting, like special fonts, bold text and color Yes  No
Only Boreal members may post ads Yes Yes
You must subscribe to the list to post an ad No - all Boreal members may post ads Yes - only list members may post items to a list
How to post an ad Via a form on the Boreal website Via email, or using a form on the Boreal website

How do I place a Classified Ad?

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Boreal website.
  2. Click the Classified Ads link on the Boreal home page, and on the page that comes up, click where it says "To add postings, click here", OR
  3. (alternate method) click the Create Content link on the home page, and click Classified Ad on the page that comes up
  4. This will bring you to an online form.  Simply fill out this form and click the Save button at the bottom to place the ad.  Most of the fields on the form are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a couple that aren't so obvious:

    • Photo - use this field to attach a photo to your ad.  To attach a photo, click the Browse button next to this field, and in the window that appears, browse to where the photo is stored on your computer.  Double-click the photo file and you'll be returned to the screen, and your file name will be filled in the Photo field.
    • Remove ad after - by default your ad will be displayed on our website for 30 days.  If it won't apply after a certain date (for example, if you're advertising an event being held next week), you should remove the ad after that date.  Use this field to give the system the date the ad should be automatically removed.
  5. Please make sure all postings follow the rules.

What are the rules for posting Classified Ads?

Boreal Classified Ads are a free service provided for our members, but we do ask that you follow certain rules when posting an ad. These rules are mostly common-sense and common courtesy, and are similar to the rules for our mailing lists.

Ads which violate these rules will be removed. The Boreal staff and board are solely responsible for determining whether a particular ad violates the rules and needs to be removed. The Boreal staff and board reserve the right to remove any ad which is deemed inappropriate, even if it does not, on the surface, appear to violate any of these rules. The Boreal staff and board reserve the right to change ads to bring them into compliance with the rules - for example to move them to the proper category.

And here they are:

  1. Be sure to post your ad in the right category. Categories are:

    • Events and Meetings: Announce upcoming events or meetings. Please note that an event hosted by a business is considered a commercial event and should be posted under Business Ads. 
    • Public Service Announcements: Public service announcements such as school closings, power outages, etc.
    • Help Wanted: Job openings, temporary or permanent, commercial or personal
    • Animals: Information about animals - for example, lost pets or pets that need a new home.
    • Business Ads: Advertisements of goods, services, or events provided by your business.  ALL business-related ads (except help-wanted ads) must go under this category.
    • Rides Needed/Available: Ask for a ride or offer one if you're already going somewhere and have an empty seat.
    • Vehicles for Sale: Cars, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc. for sale. Personal vehicles only - if you're in business selling vehicles please post that under Business ads.
    • Miscellaneous Items for Sale: Anything that you're selling personally, that doesn't fit into one of the other categories. If the item you're selling is something you acquired specifically for the purpose of selling it please post it to Business Ads instead of Miscellaneous Items for Sale.  For the purposes of the Classified Ads, business ads are defined as ads for anything you or anyone else made or acquired for the purpose of selling or renting it, or any goods or services that you're selling or renting professionally.  These should not be posted under the Miscellaneous Items for Sale category.  Exception: If you're selling it to benefit a non-profit or charitable organization, you may post it here.
    • Garage Sales: Announcements for rummage sales. NOTE: Please use the Garage Sales area to post your garage sale.
    • Rentals Needed/Available: If you're looking for a place to rent or have property available for rent, post it here. Note that this is meant for long-term rentals, not for hospitality rentals such as hotel rooms.  If you have space at your hotel, motel, resort or B&B please do NOT post it here - post it under Business Ads instead. 
    • Giveaway Items: One man's junk is another man's treasure! Anything that you'd like to give away, that someone else might want.
    • Wanted to Buy: Anything that you are looking for that someone else might be willing to sell you.
    • Lost and Found: Items you've lost or found.

    If there's another category you'd like to see here, please let us know!

  2. Ads stating personal opinion, such as political announcements, religious statements, etc. are prohibited.  You may post political or religious events, but may not include anything beyond an announcement of the event.  For example, you may state something like "A political rally is being held at such and such a time and place", but may not include your opinion of the lawmakers you're rallying for or against.
  3. Be courteous, polite and respectful. Personal attacks, name-calling, profanity and threats will not be tolerated.
  4. Do not post material, either text or photos, which may be considered offensive by those viewing the ads.
  5. Only Boreal members may post ads.  Do not post ads for someone else. The ads are a service which you're paying for with your Boreal membership, and it's not fair to the other paying members to post ads for someone who has not paid for this service.
  6. The Classifieds are intended to be a community service.  Please keep your postings community-minded - for example do not use the ads to promote business interests which are owned and run outside the community.  Do not post spam to the ads. 
  7. You must use your real name and email address.
  8. Never re-post a personal email message that you have received. If there is pertinent information in a private email message that you wish to have people read, then post only that portion, and only after you have received the explicit permission of the author of the message
  9. Do not type your entire ad in capital letters. It implies that you are shouting and is considered rude. is much harder to read.
  10. You may post as many ads as you like, but don't post the same ad more than once within a 30-day period.  (An ad reminding people of a previous ad is considered a duplicate of the original ad.)  Do not delete and re-post the same ad in order to keep it on the home page.  If Boreal detects this going on we will remove the ad.  
  11. If you have multiple items to sell or events to announce, please post them all in one ad - do not post one ad for each item.  Also, if you need to modify or provide additional information for an ad, please update the existing ad - do not post a new ad with the additional or modified information.
  12. If you need to provide more information on an ad you've posted (for example, to announce that an item is sold) please DO NOT POST A SECOND AD.  Please update your original ad with the new information, using the instructions on this page.
  13. You don't need to put your name, phone number, or email address in the description of the ad - it will be displayed below the ad.
  14. Please remove your old ads.


How do I change or delete my Classified Ad?

  1. Make sure you're logged into the website with the same email address and password you used when you posted the ad.
  2. Click the Classified Ads link on the Boreal home page, click the View Ads button to display all the ads, and find your ad in the list.
  3. Click the Show Ad link next to your ad title.  Your ad will appear below the title.
    Classified Ads Listing
  4. Underneath the big blue title of your ad you'll see another, smaller, green title.  Click this second title.
    Classified Ad Title
  5. This will take you to a page showing just your ad.  At the top of this page should be an Edit tab.  (If you don't see it, you're either not logged into the site or you're logged in with a different email address than the one that was used to place the ad.) 
    Classified Ad
  6. Click the Edit tab, and you'll be taken to a screen where you can make changes to your ad.  If you want to delete the ad, click the delete button at the bottom of the screen.


What's the Classified Ads Digest?

  • You can view Classified Ads anytime from the Boreal home page, but if you want you may also receive the ads in your email by signing up for the Classified Ads digest.
  • If you've signed up for the digest you'll receive an email once a day, just after midnight, showing all the classified ads that were posted on the previous day.
  • You can sign up to receive all the Classified ads, or just ads that were posted to certain categories.  For example, if you're job hunting you can sign up to receive just the Help Wanted ads.
  • To sign up for the Classified Ads digest, click on the Classified Ads link on the home page.  At the bottom of the page that comes up, enter your email address and click the "Digest Information" button.  Select the categories you want to receive and click the Sign-Up button.

I can't attach a photo to my ad

  • First, check the file size of the photo.  (You can usually find this by going into My Computer, browsing to where the photo file is stored, and right-clicking that photo file.  On the menu that pops up, click Properties, and the properties information that appears should include the size of the file.)  The file size must be less than 2 MB (2000 KB), or the system will reject the photo.  If your photo's too big, use whatever photo editing software you have to make it smaller, and try again.
  • Don't try previewing your ad with the photo - sometimes this causes the photo to have problems.  When you've selected the photo (using the Browse button), skip the Preview and just click the Save button at the bottom.
  • If you still can't get the photo attached, contact the Boreal office (387-9471 or  Usually you can send us the photo and we'll attach it to your ad.

I got a weird email from a foreign person in response to my classified ad

It has come to our attention that some scammers are sending messages to people who've posted a Boreal classified ad.  These scammers will contact you and say they're interested in buying your item.  They want to send you a check, cashier's check or money order for more than the selling price, and have you send the extra money back to them.  Usually this is a foreign person so the check or money order is drawn on a foreign bank.

If you receive this type of message, DO NOT RESPOND!  This is a scam!  NO LEGITIMATE BUYER does business this way!  After you send the extra money back to this person, the original check will bounce, and you'll end up owing the bank the money you sent to the scammer.

Remember, although your bank will make funds available to you within a few days (they're required to by law) it can take 4 OR MORE WEEKS for a foreign check or money order to clear the issuing bank, so it will be that long before you find out the original check was bad.  Money orders  and cashier's checks can be bad, too - a person can use a rubber check or stolen credit card to buy a money order or cashier's check, and once that check bounces so will your money order / cashier's check.