BSU names Berneking to staff

 Bemidji State University Sports Information Director Brad Folkestad announced the hiring of Troy Berneking of Grand Marais as assistant sports information director. Berneking, a 2004 graduate of the University of Minnesota — Crookston, assumes the role after a two-year stint in the BSU Sports Information Office as a graduate assistant.

 Berneking’s new responsibilities at Bemidji State will include handling publicity for volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball while assisting with other day-to-day duties within the office.

Community Fund recognizes four

 The Cook County Community Fund, an affiliate fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, has named the recipients of the 2007 grant cycle.

  • Cook County Amateur Hockey Association was awarded $1,000 for Learn to Skate Program for Kids — approximately 40 families.

 • Cook County Historical Society, awarded $625 for updating the handicapped entrance to the Historical Society building.

 • Cook County North Shore Hospital, $500 for volunteer EMT recognition event (dinner & awards) for Cook County Ambulance

 • ISD 4145 — Birch Grove Community School was awarded $1,000 for the Summer Smarties program for students K through 5

County Board headlines

The Cook County Board met Tuesday, July 17. The board talked with Highway Department Supervisor Bill Parish about disposal pits for debris, sometimes called slash, resulting from the Firewise Community’s program recommendations. WTIP’s Barbara jean Meyers has more on this issue as well as other highlights from the county board meeting.


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The next meeting of the county board is July 24 at 8:30am.


Membership Drive Thank You

A big thank you is in order for all those who pledged their support to WTIP during our summer membership drive. During our “get connected” membership drive we added 69 new members to our supportive community.  197 members pledged a total of $16,399. 


Our hats go off to everyone who volunteered their time on air and behind the scenes this last week! Also, to all of our fabulously supportive business establishments that donated food, thank you. We couldn’t have made it through the week so seamlessly without the nourishment you so generously provided.


 If you missed our membership drive and would like to contribute please call 387-1070 or 1-800-473-9847, or click and join at

State aid to the county will be dropping again for the fifth year in a row

At the county board meeting on Tuesday, July 10, Cook County Auditor-Treasure Braidy Powers noted that state aid to the county would be cut again by $167,000 for 2008. As a result, state aid to the county will total $95,000 next year. Powers stated, “Consequently, departments will be directed to focus only on essential services.”  In 2002 state aid was $1,088,000. Powers added that legislation was included at the state level this year that would have stopped any additional cuts in state aid from being made in Cook County. If that legislation had gone through, state aid for the county would have remained at $265,000. However, that legislation was vetoed by the governor in late May. The veto resulted in a loss in aid to local governments state wide of more than $70 million. The County’s budget hearings are scheduled for August 20-22.

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Interview with Commissioner Jan Hall

WTIP brings you your county commissioners twice each month. Ella Kearney, the newest member of the WTIP news team, speaks with Commissioner Jan Hall after the county board meeting on Tuesday, July 10.

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SBA Information & Debris Clean-Up

Fire Debris Removal:
Cook County has worked cooperatively with the US Forest Service and the
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to establish and operate a temporary
transfer station to provide those affected property owners free disposal of
Ham Lake Fire debris.
This temporary transfer station will accept Ham Lake Fire debris only.
The transfer station will be located at the Cross River South gravel pit
just a half mile south of the Cross River Bridge on the west side of the
Gunflint Trail, and will be operational Tuesdays thru Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.

Ham Lake Fire Debris Transfer Station

From Tim Nelson, Cook County:

Now that all the permits are in place, and an attendant has been hired to
staff the facility, the temporary transfer station is set to open at 9:00
a.m., Tuesday, May 29th.

The facility is located in the Cross River South gravel pit just off of the
Gunflint Trail, in section 26 of Township 65N, Range 4W, and signs should be
up by Tuesday morning.

This temporary transfer station will be accepting Ham Lake Fire Debris only,
including the following materials free of charge:

Organic Debris/Trees & brush (with Federal Permit)
Scrap Metal
Concrete & Block foundation material
Ash & other residual charred materials

The facility will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All property owners identified as having experienced structural loss as a
result of the Ham Lake Fire have been sent an information packet detailing
how to take advantage of this debris clean up and disposal program offered
by Cook County.

For further information, please contact the Cook County Solid Waste
Department at (218) 387-3633.


Fire Photos - Updated

See some amazing new photos of the fire here:  Ham Lake Fire Photo Gallery.  Additional photos have been added for 05-11-07 through 05-15-07.

Contact Information - Cook County


Updated Friday, May 11, 2007.

  Following is information that may be helpful for citizens who are affected by the Ham Lake Fire on the Gunflint Trail. 

Evacuee Information:    Call (218) 387-3017 if you are trying to locate someone who has evacuated the Gunflint Trail area.  This phone line is staffed by the Cook County Public Health & Human Services Department.   They have contact information on people who left the Gunflint Trail area and registered at the Evacuation Center at the Cook County Community Center.  If you are an evacuee who has not yet registered or who has changed location, you can call 387-3017 to file or update your contact information. 

Superior National Forest Information

For Superior National Forest Information, including Fire Information you can access the webpage at:

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  • In the "Connect To" screen make sure your username is spelled correctly.

  • Make sure that you entered your username in all lowercase letters.
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