Boost & Ensure $1.00 each

Call Kristen directly at 612-750-2730 or email

GREAT DEAL on 8oz chocolate Boost and Ensure. All purchased within the last 2 months.

Four 12 packs of 8oz chocolate Boost in bottles

Sixteen 8oz individual Boost boxes (not bottles), chocolate

Twelve 8oz Ensure bottles, chocolate.

$1.25 per bottle/box or buy them all $76, that is just $1 each.

These were purchased for my father and he has a hard time digesting them.

CONTACT: Kristen
PHONE: 612-750-2730
DATE: 02/25/2017 11:44am



CONTACT: Jim Miller
PHONE: 2184752656
DATE: 02/25/2017 10:30am

Weekend News Roundup for February 25

Sat, 02/25/2017 - 10:30am

Each week the WTIP news staff compiles a review of news from the previous five days. Sunday liquor looks like it will succeed this time around and Grand Marais is considering opening its municipal store to see if the move could be profitable.…all this and more in the week’s news.



February Cribbage Finale

One more night of cribbage & pizza at Chicago Bay Marketplace, February 27, 5 PM. Bring cribbage boards & cards if you can; other card games or board games are OK, too. This is a low-key, unorganized event for those who like to get-together to meet new friends and talk with old ones.

CONTACT: Dianne Anderson
DATE: 02/24/2017 10:24pm

Set of 10 vintage Syracuse diner coffee cups, cream with red stripe

$30: Set of 10 vintage Syracuse coffee cups, all excellent condition, no cracks, chips or stains--freshly washed! :) Cute scallop at top, with red stripe. Capacity 6 oz. Great for the cabin, large gatherings, etc... A set of four on eBay is listed for $19.99. Can bring to GM, or you pick up in Lutsen.


CONTACT: Ann Possis
PHONE: 387-9081
DATE: 02/24/2017 09:09pm

Blue Water Cafe Hrs 7am to 7pm

Corned Beef Hash

For Breakfast:  Homemade Corned Beef Hash, Eggs, Toast or Pancakes

For Lunch: 2pc Pollock, Fries, Soup or Salad

For Dinner: Swedish Meatballs, Mashed Potato, Mixed Veggies, Soup or Salad

Serving Hygge Menu thur February

Try a Smorrebrod Danish open face sandwich with choice of side


Upper Gunflint Ski Trails Groomed Today

Last Grooming Date: 
Date Skied: 
Base Depth: 
4 - 13 Inches

Total Seasonal Snowfall: 60.3 Inches

Most of the trails are being groomed today (with the exception of the two backcountry/multi-use trails).  Ski conditions are still good, but a little faster than they were before our melt.

We require an Upper Gunflint Trail Ski Pass to use our trails.  Fees from these passes pay for the land leases, and grooming expenses.  Please stop Gunflint Lodge (218-388-2294), Gunflint Pines (218-388-4454), or Heston's Lodge (218-388-2243) to purchase passes, and pick up maps.  All three resorts are on the South Gunflint Lake road.

There is snow to ride on

Recent Snowfall: 
Recent Grooming: 
Wed and Thur night
Current Trail Conditions: 

Hello riders - there is snow and as is not great but doable. 15 - 20 rigs in the lot here at Devil Track. Talked to the guiys grooming and the people at Skyport Lodge for todays ride. Reports are that there are bare spots, hard snow and it is a bit rough. Lakes are glare ice except around the edge. For the most part there is enough snow from Devil Track to where the X and G trail merge. Plenty of bare and thin spots throught the mid trail area with the southern exposure 28 miles inland.

With that all said...we are sending out 3 groomers tonight to help pull snow in and smooth things out. We will be grooming tomorrow night (Sat) also. There is a chance of a little snow (1 - 2 inches) this weekend. Snow is reported for most of later next week. 

Riding the trail into Grand Marais is not advised but there should be some good snow on most of the State Trail towards the Lutsen area. Reports are they have pretty good trails as of today. There is a vintage ride there this weekend.

For Skydan 218-370-0645

County Auditor's Office supports coworker with Spaghetti Dinner Benefit Feb. 25

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 5:37pm

The Cook County Auditor’s Office is joining forces with Zoar Lutheran Church to host a benefit for a coworker, Angie Cook of Schroeder, who is battling cancer for a second time. 
The Spaghetti Dinner benefit will be Saturday, February 25 at the Birch Grove Community School in Tofte from 5 – 7 p.m.
Rhonda Silence learns more in this interview.


Kiln Dried Firewood

Still lots of winter left, so stay warm! Firewood for sale - Split, Kiln Dried and delivered. Maple, Birch, or a mixture. Green wood also available. Call Dave at 218-370-9929 or e-mail

CONTACT: Dave Howe
PHONE: 218-370-9929
DATE: 02/24/2017 05:12pm

Vintage Ride Tomorrow is a GO!!!

Recent Snowfall: 
Recent Grooming: 
Deer Trail, Muehlberg and portions oc Caribou
Current Trail Conditions: 

Vintage ride tomorrow, Saturday February 25,2017. The Trail has been Groomed on the upper portion, This turned out very well. The Water that was flowing has for the most part re-frozen, the snow is still thin down near Lake Superior but I had no problem getting thru today. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. with the ride scheduled to leave at 11:15 a.m.

The best place to spectate will be at Cascade Lodge, but if you want to see the sleds on the trail, the intersection of the Caribou snowmobile trail and either the Deer or Muehlberg snowmobile Trails would be my picks.

Screen Freeze--Document In-Progress?

JUST thought I'd pass along "a thought":  since (after...years) it, only,  occured to myself, today? screen FREEZES UP--while I'm doing some word processing (email, etc.), and, there I sit:  realizing a "re-boot" will ALMOST...NEVER allow myself capturing back what's visible upon the screen (still), however?

A "no-brainer", BUT (I'd discovered) a photo--taken with (mine having a Zoom feature) then allows "capturing", AT LEAST, what's on the...screen--from an otherwise "frozen" computer, yes?"

"Re-writes" are, INVARIABLY, a different flow of...thought--so, NATURALLY, keeping one's "flow" IS NICE, likely?  (Now, whether or.,.NOT this makes it as a "Public Service" announcement?  Who knows, hey?)

CONTACT: David Ulrich
PHONE: 218-370-8517
DATE: 02/24/2017 03:37pm

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Report 2.24.17

Base Depth: 
Average 7-10 inches

We still have snow and we are still grooming and skiing! Expect fast conditions, abrasive snow, and a solid base. Skate skiing is particularly fast right now; double up on the kick wax for classic skiing. All trails are continuing to be groomed with the tiller. According to the 7-day forecast, it looks like we are done with the fluctuating freezing/thawing temperatures for a while. Possible snow is predicted after the weekend, which will only improve things. Conditions aren’t perfect, but skiing is still very good and very much alive yet. Trail base is now averaging between 7 and 10 inches; areas that receive a lot of sun have less. Snow in woods is still between 10 and 14 inches, on average.

FYI:  Lake crossings are still safe, but there is little to no snow remaining on the lakes at this time, including the groomed trail portion.

For the most up to date grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170) or Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203). Central Gunflint Ski Pass required.

Trails Open Again but Icy

New Snowfall: 
Base Depth: 
0-5 inches

West End. The Good News. The firm base survived the rain. The Bad News it is rock hard and the rain also added more ice to ice flows and washed snow off spots on the trails. If we can get 1ʺ of snow the trails will be ski-able.  See for more information.  Always to this site as it is the first place updated with trail information.

Snow Plows for Sale



BOSS 8' 2" V BLADE - Needs welding/some work = $300


Nate Works

126 Norbakken Rd., Lutsen

(218) 663-8121

(218) 370-9626



CONTACT: Caribou Cabin Service
PHONE: (218) 663-8121
DATE: 02/24/2017 02:53pm