Park and Recreation Board discussion continues

The Grand Marais Park and Recreation Board continued an ongoing future planning session at its meeting on Tuesday, September 4th. In May the board prioritized seven areas to plan for including the power plant site, the ball field site, park facility expansion and character, wetland and natural areas, neighborhood parks, additional trails, and the beach area.

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MPCA to host public event on biomass

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is sponsoring an educational program in Chisholm this Wednesday, Sept. 12, from 6 to 8:30 pm. The event’s purpose is to provide a chance to hear local panelists discuss the advantages, challenges and impacts of biomass energy in northern Minnesota. Biomass, in the energy production industry, refers to living and recently dead biological material which can be used as fuel. The evening will begin with a panel discussion titled “The Outlook for Biomass.” Following the panel discussion two concurrent sessions will be held. One session will cover environmental impacts associated with biomass and the other will focus on current and emerging technologies. The MPCA will conclude the evening with a wrap-up presentation.


MPCA Public Information Officer Anne Perry Moore joins us in the WTIP studio during the AM Community Calendar Program Tuesday, Sept. 11 to talk more about the program.

Contamination notices lifted in Grand Marais area

On Friday, Sept. 7 Paradise Beach was removed from the list of contaminated beaches on the North Shore. The fecal indicator bacteria levels have reportedly returned to acceptable levels. Earlier this week, contamination notices were posted at four area beaches. All notices have now been removed. Samples will be taken again Monday, Sept. 10. For more information about Minnesota beaches go to

Forest restoration program at Sugarloaf Cove

Saturday, Sept. 8 the North Shore Stewardship Association will offer a program on North Shore forest restoration at Sugarloaf Cove. The two-hour program will begin at 10:00am. DNR North Shore Parks Resource Specialist Harley Hanson will talk about and demonstrate techniques used to plant conifers on Lake Superior’s North Shore and protect them from deer browse. Sugarloaf Cove is located on Highway 61 at milepost 73.3, between Little Marais and Schroeder.

E-coli contamination found at local beaches

On Wednesday, September 5 contact advisory notices were posted at the Grand Marais Municipal Campground beach, the Kadunce Creek beach, the Durfee Creek area beach, and Paradise Beach. Since Wednesday, testing has shown that contamination at all but one of those beeches has dropped back down within acceptable limits. For now a contact advisory notice remains in effect for Paradise Beach, which is located about ten miles northeast of Grand Marais on

Lake Superior. For information about beach water quality in the north shore region go to

Early monitoring shows area gypsy moth increases

  “It’s still early in the trap checking, but the population has increased,” said Gypsy Moth Trapping Coordinator, Kimberly Thielen-Cremers in a telephone interview this week. Thielen-Cremers heads the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Gypsy Moth Unit and added that not all the news is bad.

  Thielen-Cremer said the greatest increase in gypsy moth populations is being found in the Grand Marais and Grand Portage areas which were outside last year’s aerial treatment blocks.