The Boreal Access online annual meeting web site will be posted on Monday, October 26th.  There will be a question and answer area on that site and we encourage you to include your questions with your vote.  Alternatively, you can email your vote and questions to One vote per membership, please.

Candidate statements:

Eric Pehrson"I am a lifetime Cook County resident and I am interested in supporting a good cause such as technology. It would be a pleasure to serve on the Boreal Access board, if elected."

Voting for this election is closed. Congratulations to our newest board member, Eric Pehrson!

Boreal Board Nominations

Nominations for the Boreal Board are now open from the Boreal Access membership.  Please include a short resume of the nominee along with contact information, email and telephone.

Board members must be "Boreal Access members in good standing" who are able to attend monthly meetings, carry out the board member responsibilities of Boreal Access, and abide by the rules, including the fiduciary responsibilities for non-profit board members in the State of Minnesota.  Technical expertise is not required and your time commitment is minimal and greatly appreciated. Members serve three-year terms.

A willingness to contribute to the success of this non-profit community cooperative is necessary. If you are willing to serve or know someone who would make a good board member, please use this form to submit your nomination to Boreal.

Boreal Access Annual Meeting - 2008-2009

Welcome to Boreal's Online Annual Meeting!  Please take some time to browse through the information below and then comment at the bottom of the page.  Thanks for attending!


Current Board members are:

  • Tim Nickolay (president, term expiring)
  • Barb Gervais (secretary)
  • Steve Surbaugh (treasurer)
  • Audrey Stattelman (term expiring)
  • John Mianowski
  • Walt Mianowski
  • Eric Pehrson (newly elected)

Boreal staff includes:

  • Jack McDonnell
  • Jeremy Ridlbauer (oncall only)
  • Sandra Schutte
  • Sheila Wieben

Minutes of the last meeting:  Click here to view the minutes from last year's annual meeting

Year in Review:  During the 2008-2009 fiscal year, Boreal did the following:

Boreal Services Survey


Boreal would like your help to improve our services!  Please use this survey to let us know what you like about Boreal, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see us offer in the future.  The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

5 Things Boreal Will Never Do (But Scammers Will)

If you receive an email which does any of these things, even if it appears to have come from Boreal, you can safely assume it's a scam and delete it:

1) Boreal will never ask you to send us your current password via email.

2) We will never send you an email asking you to go to a website to verify your account information. 

3) Boreal will never send you an attachment via email unless we arranged it with you first.

4) Messages from Boreal will not be signed the anything, anything support team, anything technical team, etc.  We sign our messages Boreal or Boreal Access.

5) If we send you an email, we will never use a non-Boreal address as the reply address. 

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Do Your Friends Insist on Emailing You Huge Files?

Even though it takes forever for you to get them over your dial-up connection?  Try directing them to a file emailing service. These services let them load their file(s) to a webpage, and then they send you a small email containing the link to download the file.  Best of all, most of them offer a free account!  A few such services are,,, or

As always, when you receive an email with a link in it, be SURE it really came from your friend before downloading the file in the link!

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