It's not even dialing!

  • If you are using an external modem, make sure that it is turned on and the phone line is connected. Try turning the modem off and back on again.

  • If you're using an internal modem make sure the phone line is plugged in.
  • With any modem make sure the phone line is plugged into the "Line" or "Telco" port...not the "Phone" port. The "Phone" port is for plugging in a regular phone.
  • Make sure you have a dial tone on the line that is plugged into the computer. If you have a phone connected to your computer, lift up the receiver and listen for a dial tone. If not, try unplugging the phone line from your computer, plugging it into a regular phone, and listening for a dial tone. Be sure you plug the phone line back into your computer when you're done!
  • Some settings may have changed or not been installed correctly. Try reinstalling your modem.
  • Did this start after a thunderstorm went through the area? A lightning strike may have caused a power surge on your phone line that burned out the modem, even if you're using a surge protector. If this is the case you'll need to replace the modem. Boreal carries modems for desktop computers.