Which list should I post my message to?

If you're not sure which list to post your message to, please check the list rules below, and take a look at the examples at the bottom.  Many common types of postings are listed in the examples.  If you're still unsure, call the Boreal office (387-9471) and ask.  It's better to check first than to send to the wrong list and 1) annoy people who otherwise would have been potential customers and 2) risk being removed from the lists for posting inappropriate content.

The final decision as to whether a message is appropriate for a list will be made at the discretion of the Boreal staff and board.

Please also follow the list guidelines for all messages.

  • members:The members list is to be used ONLY by the management for topics relating to Boreal Access and its operation. Examples are potential down times or interruption of services, modem info, new software or hardware that has been installed.


  • news:The news list should be used for:

    • upcoming non-commercial events
    • public announcements
    • items of general community interest
    • requests for rides

    The news list should not be used for:

    • threads, topics for discussion or ongoing discussions - These should be posted to the discussions list.
    • political or personal opinion - Messages containing political or personal opinion are prohibited from the news list. You may announce political events such as rallies but may not include political opinions in these announcements. Please use the discussions list to post political opinions.
    • commercial messages of any kind - This includes public events held at your place of business, job openings (even for non-profit organizations), announcements of business hours or closed dates, messages inviting a response from commercial businesses, or any other item related to a commercial place of business.  All such messages should only be posted to ads. Exception: If your business is hosting a non-profit fundraiser you may post it to the news list, as long as it's clearly stated that this is a fundraising event for such-and-such an organization.
    • for-sale items - You should never post the same item to the news and for-sale lists!


  • for-sale: The for-sale list should be used to advertise items you're selling, giving away or looking to acquire personally. It may not be used for selling commercial items, advertising commercial services, or any commercial messages as defined above. For the purposes of the list, commercial items are defined as anything you or anyone else made or acquired for the purpose of selling or renting it, or any goods or services that you're selling or renting professionally.


  • ads: If you want to buy or sell something commercially, announce a special event hosted by your place of business, or advertise a job opening, post it to ads.


  • discussions: If you would like to participate in an ongoing discussion of issues of interest, use the discussions list. The purpose of this list is to 1) post information about the current world, national, state, or local affairs/events, 2) ask for information, and 3) offer topics of discussion or debate.


  • non-profit: Use the non-profit list for discussions about your non-profit organization.


  • beargrease: The beargrease list has been very active and is being used to help the distribution of news for the upcoming race.


  • birding: The birding list has been created to share information about birds and birding in the county, and bird sightings, as well as birding events.


  • gtwise: The gtwise email list is for residents of the Gunflint Trail Corridor and other Cook County locations. You do not need to be a Boreal Access member to subscribe to this list. This list is to be used to post information concerning forest fire preparedness, mitigation, fire danger, current fire situations. It may be used to post meeting times, schedules and information. It can also be used to discuss topics of community interest.


  • Examples: Below are some example items and which list they should be posted to:

    • I'm having a garage sale: Post to for-sale (ads is ok, too)
    • I'm having a sale at my store: Post to ads.
    • I'm hosting a community event at my store: Post it to ads. You may not consider it a promotional event, but the people receiving the message will.
    • I just heard about a dangerous new virus and want to make sure everyone knows about it: Don't post it to any list.  If you must post this, post it to discussions. A better idea is to forward the information to the Boreal office so they can verify that it's not a hoax and let the membership know if it's a threat.
    • There's a political protest being planned: Post it to news AS LONG AS YOU DON'T STATE ANY POLITICAL OPINION IN THE MESSAGE! If the message contains anything other than a simple statement of what the rally is for, send it to discussions. This is ok: "There's a rally to protest the president's policies". This is not: "There's a rally to protest the way the president's policies are destroying the environment and endangering our future."
    • I'm building and selling crafts as a hobby: Post to ads. (Since you're building them to sell them, even though it's a hobby for you it's considered a commercial posting.)
    • My garden overproduced this year and I want to sell the excess: Post to for-sale and/or ads.
    • I have extra space in my garden, so I use it to grow produce to sell: Post it to ads.
    • Someone posted a message to news and I want to respond to it: Post it to discussions or better yet, send your response to the individual who posted it. Any time you respond to a message that was sent to a list it's called a thread, and threads are limited to the discussions list.
    • I'm looking for help at my place of business: Post it to ads.
    • I'm selling items or hosting a fundraiser to benefit a registered non-profit organization: Since this is for a non-profit organization you may post it to for-sale or ads. Please be clear in your posting as to which non-profit organization will benefit from your sale or event.
    • I'm advertising for my business, which is registered as a non-profit: This is a gray area.  If people are paying money for the services you offer you should probably post this to ads, not for-sale.  Consider how it will appear to the people receiving it - if it reads like an ad for a for-profit business, please post it to the ads list only.
    • I need to find an item and want to know if anyone in the community has one they're willing to part with: Post it to for-sale or ads.
    • I just replaced some furniture or shelving in my store, and want to get rid of the old stuff:  Since you're just cleaning house and are not in the business of selling furniture or shelving, this is probably ok to post to the for-sale list, unless, of course, your store is a furniture store!  Please do NOT include a plug for your business in the message, however, unless you post the message to ads@boreal.org.