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No objection at Schroeder Town Meeting for cell phone tower proposal at Taconite Harbor

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 10:25am

While the Cook County Planning & Zoning Department had received five letters objecting to a proposed cell tower in Tofte, it had received no objections to the one proposed for Schroeder as of the September 11 Schroeder Township Board meeting. 
AT&T is planning to put up the Schroeder tower, which would be located on Minnesota Power/Allete property above Highway 61 in Taconite Harbor.  It would allow other companies to locate equipment on its tower, such as Verizon Wireless, which is trying to put up a tower in Tofte.
The Cook County Planning Commission will consider a request for the Schroeder tower site at its October 10 meeting, which starts at 5 p.m.
County Commissioner Bruce Martinson told the Schroeder board that the towers are being planned to share the best reception possible.
Planning & Zoning has on file a letter of support from the Schroeder board for the proposed tower in Taconite Harbor.

Voter ID author gets specific on mail ballot implementation

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 10:17am

The voter ID amendment has been hotly debated on both sides of the political spectrum. One reason is because so many details are not included in the bill’s wording. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, the bill’s author, and found that she has many thoughts on how the amendment would be implemented.

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EPA to fund Lake Superior mercury study -- babies at risk

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 6:47am

The federal government will investigate why infants born around Lake Superior have sometimes unhealthy levels of mercury in their blood, especially those along Minnesota's north shore.

The StarTribune yesterday reported the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce a $1.4 million grant to the Minnesota Department of Health to study mercury exposure among tribal communities and recreational anglers, both of whom rely on fish in their diet. Details will be announced this afternoon.

The research project follows a 2011 study that found one in 10 babies along Minnesota's North Shore are born with unhealthy levels of mercury in their bodies. The analysis of blood from 1,465 infants from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, was the first to prove that babies, who are most susceptible to the toxin, carried sometimes very high concentrations of it.

Those in Minnesota were more likely to have higher levels than their counterparts in Wisconsin and Michigan, most likely because their mothers ate more fish, the primary source of mercury in people. The toxin comes from coal fired plants around the world, and is deposited from air pollution. Over time, it accumulates in the bodies of fish.

Babies born in the summer months, when local fish consumption is highest, had more mercury than those born in winter, state officials said.

The EPA has established a health standard for women of childbearing age and infants of 5.8 millionths of a gram per liter of blood. Anything above that is considered unhealthy, though would not necessarily result in neurological problems.

North Shore Health Care Golf Tournament is Oct. 7

Wed, 10/03/2012 - 2:04pm

The 17th Annual North Shore Health Care Golf Tournament to benefit health care in Cook County is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 7, when the fall colors are at their peak.
Come and play at one of Minnesota’s most scenic golf courses, Superior National at Lutsen.  Set between the Sawtooth Mountains and Lake Superior, Superior National’s 27 holes always provide beautiful scenery and challenging tournament golf.  The format will be a four-person team scramble.  Following the event there will be a 19th hole reception, sponsored each year by Lutsen Resort. 
All of the proceeds from this tournament go to the North Shore Health Care Foundation to be used as the primary funding source for the grants given by the foundation, all of which benefit health care for everyone who lives, works and visits in Cook County.
Golfer registrations are still being accepted at  You do not need to have a full foursome to register and the registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and entrance to the 19th hole reception.

People in northern Minnesota may notice smoke drift from northwest fires

Wed, 10/03/2012 - 11:40am

Northern Minnesota residents may notice smoke in the sky as it drifts from active northwestern Minnesota fires, according to a report Wednesday from the Minnesota Incident Command System. 

As of about 1 PM, Wednesday, smoke was reported drifting through the upper Gunflint Trail area in Cook County. A check with the Cook County Sheriff's Department indicated that no fires have been reported in northern Cook County.

Residents in the Bemidji, Deer River and Grand Rapids, Orr, Cook, Virginia, Hibbing, Tower and into Canada have reported seeing smoke in the sky for much of Wednesday. The smoke is being carried by strong winds out of the northwest and is being held close to the ground by inversion. The inversion is expected to lift by mid-day, but residents across northern Minnesota may continue to see some smoke until the fires are extinguished.

MNICS reports the fire danger remains extreme to very high for much of Minnesota and residents are urged to obey all fire restrictions.  Persons who witness an actual fire should report it immediately by calling  911.

WDSE Cooks seeking recipes for "B" is for bars

Wed, 10/03/2012 - 9:01am

Dripping with caramel and chocolate; sprinkled with nuts and thick with fudge; how about elegant layers of fruit and cream?  Who can resist a delicious, homemade bar?
It is official. The next, all new, WDSE Cooks marathon will be “B” is for Bars!  If you have great bar recipes, will you share your favorites?  You may also become famous if you are called in to the studio to prepare your best on WDSE Cooks “B” is for Bars!
North Shore cooks have been featured on the program in the past. We’ve had the fun of seeing Paulette Anholm, Chelsea Lueck, Donna Lunke, Joan Farnam, Lavonne Anderson, Bob Swanson, Cathy Peterson and Lyn Singleton!
Send your favorite bars recipes to WDSE•WRPT, 632 Niagara Court, Duluth MN 55811.
Everyone who sends in recipes will get a gift. Then the recipes will be put into the newest cookbook “B” is for Bars! Recipes are due by October 10.