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All are welcome at Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 11:06am

All are invited to a Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the First Congregational Church in Grand Marais. WTIP host Jana Berka spoke with Mary Igoe about this annual event on North Shore Morning .

The Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner is Thursday at 1 pm at the First Congregational Church in Grand Marais.  More information is available from the church office at 387-2113.


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Comment deadline extended for citizen input on Highway 61 corridor through Grand Marais

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 1:38pm

The City of Grand Marais has been working with the community on a potential redesign of the Highway 61 corridor through Grand Marais. Your feedback is needed and to receive a broad base of input, the deadline for comments has been extended to Wednesday, November 26.

In May 2014, engineers and planners from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) held a “complete streets” workshop in Grand Marais to educate city, county, business and citizens on MnDOT’s policy supporting streets that are safe for bikes, pedestrians and automobiles as well as their interest and role in the Grand Marais Highway 61 redesign process. There have been several other public meetings that asked:

1) How do you use the corridor project area? How often?  By what means of transportation?

2) Have you walked of biked along this corridor? Why?

3) How does the corridor change with the seasons?

4) What do you believe are the greatest health concerns in our community?

View the concept designs and provide feedback at or stop by Grand Marais City Hall (Monday –Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

For more information contact Mike Roth, city administrator, at (218) 387-1848.


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Grand Marais has committee and board vacancies to fill

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 1:36pm

City Administrator Mike Roth presented a list of impending board vacancies to Grand Marais city councilors on Nov. 12 and said efforts will soon be under way to fill the volunteer positions.

The openings will be created due to expiration of current members’ terms, or in the case of city council, the resignation of Jan Sivertson as she takes on her new role as Cook County commissioner in January. Roth encouraged councilors – all of whom will be retiring from the board except Tim Kennedy – to solicit interested residents.

Among the seats on various boards and commissions that will be open in January 2015 are:

1 seat on the Cook County/Grand Marais Economic Development Authority (EDA)

2 seats on the Grand Marais Park Board

2 planning commission seats

1 seat on the Public Utilities Commission

Anyone who would like more information is encouraged to call City Hall at (218) 387-1848.


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Lutsen township looking for citizen to fill town board vacancy in January

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 1:33pm

With Ginny Storlie soon leaving the Lutsen Town Board to take her position as the newly elected District 5 Cook County Commissioner in early January, the Town Board discussed appointing someone to fill her spot even if it is a short appointment. The discussion came at the board’s November 18 meeting.

Storlie said, “I will be submitting my resignation letter this next month. I suggest you find someone to replace me, you have a lot going on.”

The board of supervisors is made up of three people, Tim Goettl, Andrew Beavers and Storlie.

Lutsen Clerk Amity Goettl had researched and discovered supervisors could legally make that replacement.  Storlie’s position will come up for re-election at the township’s annual meeting in March 2015. Goettl and Beavers agreed with Storlie and will look for someone to fill the opening by the next meeting. If they can’t find someone, they will both need to be at every meeting so they have a quorum to legally conduct town business.


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Lutsen firefighters request fitness area at firehall

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 9:48pm

A group of Lutsen volunteer firefighters came before the Lutsen town board to ask if they could use the old town hall community room as a fitness room/weight lifting room. The board had stated some time ago that the room would need to be carpeted and painted, and the firemen thought it would be a good time to make it a place for firefighters to work out.

After a lengthy discussion, with concerns heard from members of local ALANON and AA groups about losing that space for meetings, the town board vetoed the idea.

A firefighter asked if they could explore another space in the fire hall for exercise equipment and the board gave them a go-ahead for that.

Firefighters also noted that there is no shower for the fire fighters to use after working on fires, especially ones that contained dangerous chemicals. Supervisor Tim Goettl said it would be prudent for the township to install a chem-shower for the firefighters. “We could hook one up and install it fairly cheaply,” said Goettl who is a plumber.

The fire fighters will come back with a proposal next meeting to work out in the fire hall and the board will explore costs to put in a chem-shower.


This local news is provided by the Cook County News-Herald ~

County, contractor to share cost of YMCA floor fix

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 9:45pm

Work to correct a water drainage problem at the Cook County YMCA will soon be under way, thanks to an agreement reached Nov. 18, 2014 by the county commissioners and the designer responsible for the faulty design.

County Attorney Molly Hicken said that JLG Architects of Alexandria was not willing to admit there was a flaw in the design – but the firm is willing to contribute to the fix.

Hicken told the board that JLG said they designed the space with the expectation of far fewer members, and they’ve never had this problem before.

Hicken added that the architects were not willing to say the proposed fix would result in “bone-dry floors or no other problems,” but they conceded it will help and are willing to invest in the repairs.

The drainage problem creates water pooling on the locker room floors, with water flowing under the wall into the closet that adjoins the men’s locker room. The proposed solution – the second attempt at a fix – was designed with assistance from JLG, ORB Management and YMCA representatives.

The work will be done by County Plumbing & Heating of Lutsen and is expected to start by the end of the month and take about one week per bathroom to complete. In order to minimize inconvenience, the work will be done in one bathroom at a time, with the affected users of the closed area being directed to use the nearby locker rooms in the school.

The cost of the work is set at $8,370 per bathroom, for a total of $16,740. Under the terms of the agreement with the county, JLG will pay $11,000 and the county the remainder of $5,740.