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Naturalist Training at Sugarloaf Cove begins in February

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 8:58am

Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center is offering naturalist training, along with the opportunity to meet other North Shore enthusiasts while learning about the wildlife and ecology of our area. North Shore Morning host Yvonne Mills spoke with naturalist Margie Menzies of Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center on North Shore Morning. 


The course will run from 9 am to 4 pm every other Saturday (a three week gap over the Easter stretch) for 6 sessions beginning February 21 and ending May 19, 2015. Field trips will be incorporated into the scheduled class days. A capstone project is expected of participants, as well as the commitment to volunteer for 40 hours during the year. 
Visit for more information and to register or call 218-525-0001.


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County Commissioners to hold one last meeting in 2014

Mon, 12/29/2014 - 12:37pm

Despite not wanting to meet again until next year, the Cook County Board of Commissioners will have a final meeting on Tuesday, December 30 at 8:30 a.m. to discuss wrapping up a few loose ends to 2014.

On the agenda are Interim Sheriff Leif Lunde and Sheriff-elect Pat Eliasen to discuss Sheriff Department staffing; Planning & Zoning Administrator Bill Lane on gravel pit renewals; County Engineer David Betts with the final payment on the sidewalk on County Road 7, and Emily Marshall of Cook County YMCA and Chris Francis, YMCA Duluth with a YMCA operations update.

Auditor-Treasurer Braidy Powers is also on the agenda for an item titled 2015 Budget Resolution.


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School District 166 votes to increase school levy 5.06 percent

Mon, 12/29/2014 - 12:30pm

The School District 166 school board voted to increase the school levy by 5.06 percent—the legal limit it can levy—at its December 18 meeting, pushing the taxpayer total from $1,063,000 last year to $1,117,687 in 2015.

Before the board voted they held the district’s annual Truth and Taxation meeting. Only one person from the public attended and had no comment.

Outgoing School Board Member Ann Sullivan advocated a levy hike.  She compared what she paid as a Hennepin County homeowner to a Cook County homeowner living in similarly valued house.

In Hennepin County Sullivan said her house was valued at $285,700 and she paid $826.14 in yearly school taxes. Today her home in Cook County is valued at $290,500 and she pays $237.09 in the school district approved levy. Counting the voter approved excess levy referendum levy ($59.67 per year for Sullivan) she pays $296.76 in total taxes to the school district.

Superintendent Beth Schwarz said the proposed levy increase was less than three other similar sized districts and higher than one district about Cook County’s size.

Board Chairman Jeanne Anderson said she felt comfortable with increasing the levy, noting it was going to the children. The other board members Sissy Lunde, Deb White and Sullivan echoed her comments and voted for the increase.

Superintendent Schwarz presented a 2014 expenditure analysis that explained why the district was down to $30,000 in its fund balance.

Typically school districts work to have 35 days of operating expenses in fund balance. In June of 2013 the district had 35 days of operating expenses ($1,340,000). It costs about $29,600 per day to operate the school, so the district has a little of over one day of cushion.

County commissioners go to online board packets

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 4:13pm

Each county commissioner will be receiving a Microsoft Surface Tablet which will allow him or her to get all meeting materials online, rather than having paper packets mailed out to them. The tablets will also be given to the county auditor and county attorney.

Tablets will allow commissioners to work remotely and will eventually allow them to view visual presentations at board meetings while the public views them on a large monitor. Total cost of the tablets and software is $8,685.40.


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Weekend News Roundup for December 27

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 11:04am

Each week the WTIP news department puts together a roundup of the weeks top    news stories. Lutsen Mountains will expand its operation, wolves are back on the endangered list, two men drown in Lake Superior …all this and more in the week’s news.


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Legion Auxiliary brightens holidays with donations

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 4:06pm

The American Legion Post 413 Auxiliary is delivering its annual donations this month. At the December meeting the Auxiliary decided that it should contribute to the local chapter of the Salvation Army, the Cook County Senior Center, the North Shore Care Center, the Cook County Food Shelf, the Silver Bay Veterans Home, and Northland Honor Flights.

Auxiliary President Janet Breithaupt said auxiliary members have donated to these organizations in the past. “The members feel they do the most good or have the most impact on veterans,” said Breithaupt.

This year each of the groups received $500 from the Legion Auxiliary.

The money is raised by Legion Auxiliary members through a bake sale, the Fisherman’s Picnic bingo tent and food tent sales.

Anyone who would like information on becoming a member of American Legion Post 413 Auxiliary is encouraged to call stop by the Legion lounge or contact Auxiliary President Janet Breithaupt at


This local news is provided by the Cook County News-Herald ~