My access is really slow, and I get a lot of "Page cannot be displayed" errors

This is normally caused by poor signal strength.  The wifi system is a radio system, and like your FM radio, if you're too far from the transmitter your reception will be poor.  However, there are ways to boost your signal strength and get a better connection:

  • What kind of receiver do you have?  Are you using a wifi card in your laptop or desktop?  The wifi card is the weakest type of receiver, so if you're not getting a good signal you may need to get a bridge and antenna.  Contact the Boreal office for pricing and availability of bridges and antennas.
  • Already using a bridge?  Make sure the antenna is aimed at the nearest transmitter with the fewest obstacles between you and it.  The wireless signal won't pass through foliage or buildings well, so point your antenna at the radio with the clearest "view" to your location, even if it's not the closest one.  If you have a flat antenna, the raised side is the side that needs to be aimed at the transmitter.  (Boreal has a map of transmitter locations in the office - just stop by to check your location.)  Put the antenna in a window if possible.
  • Is your antenna already aimed at the best transmitter for your location?  You may need a larger antenna, or you might need to put your antenna outside to get a better signal.
  • Try unplugging your bridge and plugging it back in.  If the power to the nearest transmitter has gone out at any point since you last rebooted your bridge, your bridge may not realize it's back up and running and so may be trying to get a signal from a transmitter that's too far away.  Restarting the bridge will force it to try and find the closest signal again.
  • Done all of the above?  Check your area for things that can interfere with your signal - the most common are cordless phones and cell phones, but interference can also be caused by microwave ovens, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, or other devices that use radio signals.  If your Internet is dropped every time your cell phone rings, keep the cell phone away from your bridge or antenna!