The Youth Show to host call-in program on selfishness & youth


WTIP’s Youth Radio Project is hosting its first-ever call-in program and they need your participation! Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about how today’s young people are different than the generations before them. Some people say young folks today are spoiled, entitled or feel too “special.” Others say it’s not their fault. Tune in for a special call-in edition of The Youth Show this Thursday, July 19th at 5 p.m. In the second half-hour, they’ll be hosting a discussion on the youth of today. Do you think today’s young people are entitled? Spoiled? Something else? WTIP’s Youth Radio Project wants to know what you think! Call 387-1070 or 1-800-473-9847 during the program to
share your perspective. You can learn more about this Youth Radio Project effort by listening to last week's discussion.

You can also share your thoughts by e-mailing, or posting on the Cook County Youth Radio Project Facebook page. Thanks!

Photo courtesy of Pfau via Flickr.

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