Workshop on customer service training June 13

Cook County mostly makes its living as a beautiful, rustic 
place visitors come to relax, recharge and have fun. But the 
attraction can be fragile: Provide visitors a great experience, and 
they probably will stay longer, spend more and come back; provide a 
miserable experience, and they probably won't.
Dr. Charles Metelka has made it his life's work to understand how 
destinations like Cook County can make visitors feel at home. Metelka 
is chair of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism at the 
University of Wisconsin-Stout. He will share his insights into good 
customer service in two Cook County training sessions Wednesday and 
Thursday, June 13 and 14.
This customer service training opportunity is sponsored by the Cook 
Visitors Bureau and is available free of charge to anyone, in any 
who wishes to attend. Cook County Higher Education organizes the 
training on the Visitors Bureau’s behalf.
The first training session will run from 1-5 p.m. Wednesday, June 13, at
Higher Ed's North Shore Campus in Grand Marais. The
second training session will be 8 a.m. to noon at Lutsen Resort.
The training will not only be informative, it will be fun. Even those 
been through half a dozen of these customer-service sessions will find 
worth their while. Metelka is a lively, highly entertaining expert who
focuses on the creation of tourism experiences, visitor expectations 
and the
challenge of providing quality service by area residents and employees 
To register for both the Grand Marais and Lutsen sessions, call Higher 
Ed at
218-387-2466 or email no later than June