What will happen with fishing opener?

ST. PAUL — Time is running out to kick the Minnesota fishing opener up a week.
The Duluth News Tribune reports that opinions about the issue are changing quickly. Republican State Senator Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen of Alexandria, said his environment and natural resources committee heard testimony that produced no strong support for the earlier openers. The committee met earlier today.
Senators plan to debate Ingebrigtsen’s game and fish bill tomorrow. There could be an attempt to amend the bill to move the opener from May 12 to May 5.
The House amended a bill earlier to push the opener up to May 5, so anglers can get out a week before Mother’s Day weekend. The idea arose because of record-warm March temperatures.
Ingebrigtsen’s committee made no decision on the issue today. But, observers said it appeared the panel members opposed making the change after hearing from the Department of Natural Resources, resort organizations and anglers.
Ingebrigtsen said he was very open to moving the opener up a week when Cook DFL Senator Tom Bakk brought it up three weeks ago.  He said that the more people talk about it, the more of a concern it has become.
During the 10-day Easter-Passover break he heard lots of opposition. He said he will be strongly against it on the Senate floor tomorrow, adding, if it comes up.