What are the guidelines for posting to a mail list?

  • Boreal Access members are a part of the global community called the Internet. The Internet has set up rules for mail lists. These rules are not unique to Boreal, but are universally accepted. These are easy rules to follow. Many are simple common sense. So here they are...


    1. Be sure you post your message to the right list. See this section for appropriate list topics.


    2. Be courteous and respect other people's opinions. If you disagree, do it politely. Personal attacks, name-calling, profanity and threats will not be tolerated.


    3. You must be a member of Boreal Access to receive and post to the list. The mailing lists are a service for Boreal members only. While it's ok once in a while to post information for a friend who isn't a member, you should not make a regular practice of it. If you repeatedly post information on behalf of a non-member, your account may be unsubscribed from the mailing list, at Boreal's discretion. 
    4. The lists are intended to be a community communication device.  Please keep your postings community-minded - for example do not use the lists to promote business interests which are owned and run outside the community.  Do not post spam to the lists.
    5. You must sign your real name, not your login name, to all posts. There are no exceptions.


    6. Always put something in the subject line of messages you post to the list. The subject should accurately represent the topic of the message.


    7. Do not send HTML, rich text, stylized email, or messages in "quoted-printable" format. Reasons: This prevents scripted viruses from being sent to all members of the list, it reduces the overhead or resources needed to run the list, and not all email programs of list members will recognize such formats. The mail list software will reject all but plain text or ASCII posts.

      Check your mail program's configuration and set it to: Send in plain text. Please contact Boreal if you need help doing this, or go here.


    8. None of the mail lists at Boreal will accept attachments. Reasons: This keeps viruses from spreading. Attachments require a large amount of bandwidth to send and download. If you have something, such as a picture, that you think members might want to view, offer to send it individually upon request.


    9. Never re-post a personal email message that you have received to the list. If there is pertinent information in a private email message that you wish to have the list members read, then post only that portion, and only after you have received the explicit permission of the author of the message.


    10. Don't forward messages to the list. If you received information you want to share (keeping in mind the previous rule) copy and paste the pertinent information in your message. Forwarded messages are usually full of >>>'s, which makes them hard to read. In addition, forwarded messages often show the email addresses of the original senders and recipients - publishing this information over a list could be considered a violation of their privacy and of Boreal's Acceptable Use Policy.


    11. When replying to a message on the list (this is called threading), do not re-post the entire message. You may quote enough to make your point. No one wants to download and read the same message over and over, and bandwidth issues occur with this type of response.


    12. Do not type your entire message in capital letters. It implies that you are shouting and is considered rude. Besides...it is much harder to read.


    13. If you have information that might be of interest to the list, please try to post a link (URL) to the information rather then posting the content to the list. If you do post information which you have not authored, give proper credit. Please remove the header content of any forwarded messages.


    14. Don't post the same message, announcement, advertisement, etc. more than two or three times. Remember, the same people are reading your posting every time - if they see it over and over again they'll become annoyed and lose interest in whatever you're writing about.


    15. Don't post more than 3 or 4 messages in a day.  If you have multiple items to sell or multiple events to announce, please list them all in one message rather than sending a separate message for each item or event.  The lists are very busy and shouldn't be used to fill people's inboxes with multiple messages of the same type from the same person.


    Those members not adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth will be removed from the list. The list is managed by the Boreal Access office staff, with advisement from the board of directors. Boreal Access has the final authority on the use of mail lists it sponsors.


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