Violence Prevention Center launches White Ribbon campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign began 20 years ago, growing to be 
an international campaign involving 47 countries. It was started by a 
small group of men in Canada who explained their involvement, “We 
knew that the majority of men in Canada did not beat their wives or 
sexually abuse their girlfriends. But we knew we had been silent about
this violence and through our silence we had allowed the violence to 
They came up with the idea of actively engaging men to stand up and 
take a pledge and wear a white ribbon as a symbol of their position 
against violence. With only six weeks of preparation, 100,000 men 
across Canada wore a white ribbon, while many others were drawn into 
discussion and debate.
The Violence Prevention Center is inviting the entire Cook County 
community to do the same. The Center asks the community to examine 
attitudes and behaviors in the belief that all of us have the 
responsibility to talk to people around us to challenge words and 
behavior that is abusive, domineering, bullying, or that encourages 
physical, emotional and sexual violence.
Cook County residents are being asked to make a pledge to “never 
commit, condone or remain silent about violence against another 
And to wear a white ribbon throughout the month of April, which is 
Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Ribbons are available at the Violence 
Prevention Center and various locations throughout the county. White 
ribbons can also be displayed on mailboxes, decks and vehicles as a 
symbol of this pledge.
The pledge is a commitment to hold each other accountable for the 
prevalence and pervasiveness of violence. For more information, call 
the Violence Prevention Center at (218) 387-1262.