Tofte planning park cleanup day

At the April Tofte town meeting, Supervisor Jim King asked about setting a date for “Volunteer Spring Clean up Day” for the park and town hall grounds.
“The major projects seem to be cleaning up three slash piles and the deadfalls,” said King, noting that he would not be much help with his “arthritic shoulder.” King added, “Really, when you look around this room, we’re the only ones that come and help out anyway. Maybe we should hire a younger worker by the hour to do the job.”
“Last year John [Nelson] and I had a young guy help us in the park and we were amazed at how fast he was. He worked twice as fast as we did,” said volunteer Jerry Gervais.
The board decided to allow Gervais and King to find a younger person to work with them and pay that person by the hour to clean up the park.
There was a fair amount of discussion about what to do with the park pavilion.  Gervais and Jim King will work with architect Scott Berry to develop a plan to fix the base of the pavilion and in case the pavilion needs to be moved the township will request a variance from the county.
“If we move the building we will lose its existing footprint. And I think that with the views offered up and down the shore, that’s the best place for the pavilion,” said Gervais. King agreed, but Olsen said, “We have nothing to lose by asking for a variance. If we need it, we will have it, but it doesn’t mean we will have to use it.”
After some discussion the board agreed to apply for a variance but noted that the pavilion will probably stay right where it is after repairs have been made.
The next Tofte town meeting will be Thursday, May 9 at 7 p.m. at the town hall.