Swiss K31 Ammo (7.5 X 55mm)

Swiss Military 7.5x55 GP11 ball ammunition. This is some of the finest quality ammunition ever produced. Extremely accurate, reliable and non-corrosive. Mostly made in 1982, but possibility of other years of production. Comes 10 rounds per box, 6 boxes per brick 8 bricks per case. The Cartridge features a brass case and Berdan primers and Cupronickel jacketed bullets with lead core. Cupronickel is an alloy of copper that contains nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese and is magnetic so a magnet does stick to the bullet. Bullet weight per the importer is 174 grain.

The 174 grain Full Metal Jacket GP 11 spitzer bullet offered good aerodynamic efficiency and ballistic performance with a ballistic coefficient (G1 BC) of 0.505 to 0.514 (ballistic coefficients are somewhat debatable). At 2560 ft/s muzzle velocity the standard GP 11 ball bullet retained supersonic velocity up to 875 yards.  Even by contemporary (2007) standards 875 yards typical effective range is quite remarkable for a standard military rifle round.[2]

GP 11 is regarded as highly accurate and well-manufactured ammunition.

I have at least two 480 round cases and several individual 60 round packages available.

I'm asking $326.00(.68/rd) for each 480 round case.

I'm asking $47.00 ($.80/rd)  per 60 round package.

For more information, please call Jim 218-370-9258 or email

Thanks for your interest.

DATE: 08/07/2015 04:36pm