Support youth programs and find savings with Kids Plus coupon book

Kids Plus coupon books are now available, with a new look and lots of new ways to save money while helping local youth programs.
The coupon books offer huge savings from 43 local businesses, and are available for $25 at Blue Water Cafe, Cook County Community Center, Grand Marais Pool, Great Gifts, Isak Hansen, Java Moose, Joynes Ben Franklin, and Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply.
What does the money raised from the sale of Cook County Kids Plus coupon books support? Kids Plus, Community Education and Extension share their resources to provide opportunities for youth throughout the county.
Programs include Out of School Adventures, Enrichment Programs that supplement and support student learning outside of the school setting, Summer Kids Camp, and the Incredible Exchange.
Incredible Exchange is a mentorship program for kids ages 11-14.  Youth are paired with adult mentors in beginning “work” situations.  Youth volunteer in exchange for a local recreational opportunity such as a ski pass or music lessons.
The Incredible Internship is a mentorship program for ages 15-18 that is an expansion of the Incredible Exchange program but also includes building skills such as writing a resume and interviewing for a position. Youth Development opportunities include leadership training and addressing relevant topics by bringing in speakers and performers.
Various community events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Event, and youth movies at Arrowhead Center for the Arts are also sponsored by Kids Plus.