Lola's Sweet Life Bakery

Holiday Pies and More!

It's pie season at Lola's Bakery!

Holiday pies to choose from:
Classic pumpkin custard, pumpkin-ginger-strusel, apple brown sugar, salted caramel apple, triple berry (blue, rasp, cran), coconut lime custard, coconut cream, blackberry-cranberry chiffon, double chocolate cream, banana cream (organic bananas!) or maple bourbon pecan with Caribou Cream maple syrup.  Serves 6-8  $18.00 or 3 pies for $50.00

Other Desserts:
Chocolate Decadence (Gluten Free)
Serves 12-18  $38.00 or small Serves 6-8  $18.00
Cheesecakes: Vanilla, Turtle, Pumpkin-white chocolate, Maple Syrup, Eggnog or Amaretto
Serves 12-18  $32.00 or small serves 6-8  $16.00

Holiday Cookies:
A mix of old and new traditional, bite-sized cookies and bars including a variety of shortbread, iced sugar cookies, macaroons, honey-nut baklava, peanut butter blossoms, salted caramel squares, Mexican wedding cakes and more.
Box of four dozen: $14.00
Box of six dozen: $20.00
Box of eight dozen: $26.00
Box of twelve dozen: $40.00

We also have a savory cracker and cookie assortment that makes an excellent gift, along with your favorite cheese and wine.
Box of four dozen savory cookies: $16.00

Call 387-9900 to place your order, or email
Orders for Thanksgiving accepted until noon on Tuesday, November 26th. Pickup available on Thanksgiving Day from 9-11am.