Screen Freeze--Document In-Progress?

JUST thought I'd pass along "a thought":  since (after...years) it, only,  occured to myself, today? screen FREEZES UP--while I'm doing some word processing (email, etc.), and, there I sit:  realizing a "re-boot" will ALMOST...NEVER allow myself capturing back what's visible upon the screen (still), however?

A "no-brainer", BUT (I'd discovered) a photo--taken with (mine having a Zoom feature) then allows "capturing", AT LEAST, what's on the...screen--from an otherwise "frozen" computer, yes?"

"Re-writes" are, INVARIABLY, a different flow of...thought--so, NATURALLY, keeping one's "flow" IS NICE, likely?  (Now, whether or.,.NOT this makes it as a "Public Service" announcement?  Who knows, hey?)

CONTACT: David Ulrich
PHONE: 218-370-8517
DATE: 02/24/2017 03:37pm