Registration open now for Fisherman's Picnic Tennis Tournament

The Cook County Tennis Association is once again hosting a 
Fisherman’s Picnic Tennis Tournament. The tournament at the Cook 
County tennis court will once again feature junior and adult events on 
August 1-5.
Junior events (Level 6) include: 18, 16, 14, 12, and 10 singles and 
doubles for boys and girls. Junior events begin at 1 p.m. Aug. 2 and 
finish on Aug. 3.
Adult (age 16 and over) events include Men’s 70 doubles, Men’s 60 
singles, Men’s 50 singles/doubles, Women’s 50 singles/doubles, Mixed 
50 doubles, Men’s NTRP 4.0 singles, Women’s 3.5 singles, NTRP combined 
men’s 8.0 doubles, NTRP combined men’s 7.0 doubles, NTRP combined 
women’s 7.0 doubles, NTRP combined mixed 8.0 doubles, NTRP combined 
mixed 7.0 doubles, Open men’s singles/doubles, Open women’s singles/
doubles, and Open mixed doubles.
Senior/Master (ages 50 and over) events begin at 1 p.m. Aug. 1 and 
finish up on Aug. 2. All other adult events will be played Aug. 3 – 5.
There are five courts, three with lights, available for play.
Registration is open now and the entry deadline is Friday, July 27.  
For online registration, draw information and schedule, go to the CCTA 
website: and click on Tournaments.  Draws 
will be posted at the tennis courts and on the website the night 
before the tournament begins, or call 218-387-2198.
Online registration fees are: junior singles, $17; doubles, $17 per 
player; adult singles, $20 per event; doubles, $20 per player. Paper 
registration fees are adult singles $30 per event, doubles $30 per 
player. Registration may be made with a credit card.
Entry forms are available at
Adults do not have to be USTA members to participate in this 
tournament, or to register online, but junior participants do.