Questions about shooting of bobcat

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Conservation 
Officer Mary Manning received a report of a dead bobcat in the Highway 
61 ditch near Fall River Road west of Grand Marais on Friday evening, 
March 16. The caller believed the animal had been shot.
When CO Manning retrieved the bobcat the next day, she said it was 
obvious the cat had been shot. The circumstances of the shooting are 
unknown however. Manning said a vehicle could have hit it and someone 
dispatched it. Or it could have been shot and dumped in the ditch.
Manning hopes that someone has some information, because the shooting 
was illegal. There is a hunting season for bobcat, which allows taking 
by firearm, however, the season ended January 8.
CO Manning encourages anyone with information about the incident to 
contact her at (218) 475-0121.