Puppet adventure at the Grand Marais Public Library

Grand Marais Public Library invites children and their caretakers to a vibrant puppet adventure at the Grand Marais Public Library at 7 p.m. March 23.
Puppeteer Heron Gardner and his Puppet Tellers recount "A Night on Bear Island," the story of Basil and Samantha who become marooned on Bear Island and must overcome their fear of monsters and the dark.  Told with rod puppets, bold graphics and dramatic sound effects, this fast-paced, family-friendly tale of suspense and friendship is suited for children of all ages.
Admission to the event is free, thanks to sponsorship by the Arrowhead Library System and funding by money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  To stay abreast of other Arrowhead Legacy Events, see the events calendar www.arrowhead.lib.mn.us/whats-new/ or see facebook at “Arrowhead Legacy Events” or Twitter @ArrowheadLegacy.
Questions may be directed to Miriam Kero, Arrowhead Library System, miriamk@arrowhead.lib.mn.us.